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G20 Hangzhou Summit Escorted by TAIDEN

  • Time of issue:2016-11-17

G20 Hangzhou Summit Escorted by TAIDEN

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G20 Hangzhou Summit Escorted by TAIDEN
Sep 13th 2016
From September 4 to 5, 2016, the 11th G20 Summit was held at the Hangzhou International Expo Center. Heads of state from member countries and guest countries, leaders of international organizations including the IMF, WTO attended. The Summit schedule includes several G20-related meetings and bilateral or multilateral talks, plus the B20 Summit. To serve over twenty conference venues, TAIDEN provided more than 7000 pieces of conference equipment for discussion and simultaneous interpretation at the summit.
G20 Hanghzou Summit, the most significant diplomatic event China hosts this year, once again attracts eyes all over the world after APEC 2014. From the preparation, operation to finishing, every step of the Summit is under rigid control to ensure the security and efficiency of the proceeding. How to spread the voice of G20 Hangzhou is thus a matter of significance. Choosing conference equipment that meets with such high standard of course is no easy job and of great pressure. TAIDEN stands out with its extraordinary products and service and deliver this difficult task successfully.
Except for Leader’s Summit, there are more than 10 branch venues such as the Hangzhou International Expo Center, Xihu State Guesthouse and Xizi Hotel where other relevant meetings and bilateral or multilateral talks are held. In Hangzhou International Convention Center, B20 Summit and related meetings are held there. TAIDEN at total supplied over 20 venues with more than 6000 HCS-5100 Series Digital Infrared SI receivers and over 200 HCS-4385U Fully Digital 64-CH interpreter units, as well as nearly 500 HCS-4100/50 Series Fully Digital Conference Units.
The main venue, Hangzhou International Expo Center adopted 36 TAIDEN HCS-4338G20 Series Dual-Microphone Conference Units (with digital system and analog system working at the same time), and 37 HCS-4385U Interpreter Units. Just the overflow room alone contains over 800 HCS-5100R/32 32-CH Digital Infrared SI Receivers, to make sure that leaders, delegates and media can listen to the Summit in 18(17+1) language channels. This is the first time China holds a conference that uses such a number of languages. It’s worth mentioning that HCS-5100 Series adopts TAIDEN new generation digital infrared processing chip. It conforms to the IEC 61603-7 international standard for digital infrared. This system supports at most 40 distributing channels, with an LCD receiver display shows channel number and complete language name, making it the world's most advanced IR language distribution system.
What’s more, this time TAIDEN’s new Professional Audio & Video Recording System for Conference made its appearance at the Summit, at both the main and branch venues. The system includes Professional Audio & Video Recorders for Conference and Professional Digital Video & Audio Recorder Software Module and can cooperate with TAIDEN conference systems seamlessly with perfect sound and HD video quality. The system’s unique function of multi-channel recording realized broadcasting of the 1 channel video and 17-channel interpretation at the main venue.  You may use the agenda, conference rooms, and the time of beginning or end to search for a certain piece of recording, as well as search according to the content of speeches, interpretation and agenda, or according to speakers and key words in the agenda.
The main venue
TAIDEN HCS-4338G20 Series Dual-Microphone Conference Units and HCS-5100R/32 32-CH Digital Infrared SI Receivers used by world leaders
HCS-4385U Fully Digital 64-CH interpreter units used in the interpreter booth at the main venue
TAIDEN Conference management software used at the main venue
Overflow room
Press conference room
Luncheon hall
Branch venues including the Xihu State Guesthouse and Xizi Hotel are all equipped with TAIDEN products. There are at total over 600 32-channel digital infrared receivers, 56 simultaneous interpreter units and 25 ISO-4043 standard interpreter booths, so that all guests of the Summit can listen and talk to each other freely.
On September 4th, leaders from BRICS nations met at Xihu State Guesthouse to discuss about giving more play to emerging economies on world stage. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, South African President Jacob Zuma, Brazilian President Michel Temer and Russian President Vladimir Putin attended the meeting. Although all speaking different languages, their discussion proceeded with the use of TAIDEN HCS-5100 Series Digital Infrared Language Distribution System and HCS-4860 Fully Digital Congress System Delegate and Chair Units.
TAIDEN HCS-4860 Series Fully Digital Congress System used for the informal meeting of BRICS leaders
The Business 20 (B20) Summit is also in the schedule of G20. From September 3rd to 4th, B20 Summit attracted over 800 business delegates from 32 countries and regions and 26 international organizations. Among the enterprises invited to the Summit, over 140 are Fortune Global 500 companies and over 100 are Fortune China 500 companies. TAIDEN supplied 60 HCS-4338 Series Fully Digital Congress System Delegate Units and as many as 2370 HCS-5100R Digital Infrared Receivers for B20.
On September 5th, G20 closed in Hangzhou. With leading technologies and products and professional supporting service, TAIDEN once again successfully completed its mission of world attention.
This is not the first time TAIDEN has done so. In major projects such as APEC 2014, G20 2012, UN Headquarters, COE Headquarters and African Union Headquarters, conference systems all come from TAIDEN. This demonstrates our strength as a technological leading enterprise and well-established international brand in conferencing industry.

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