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French Senate Invests in TAIDEN Conference System

  • Time of issue:2018-05-22

French Senate Invests in TAIDEN Conference System

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French Senate Invests in TAIDEN Conference System
Apr 27th 2018
French Senate, the upper house of the French Parliament, has equipped its newly renovated multimedia meeting room with TAIDEN conference system, right after French National Assembly selected TAIDEN.
This room named after RenéMonory, a former President of the Senate, is located in the former chapel of Peers. It preserved all the decorative elements of the old chapel while being equipped with a control room and after undergoing an acoustic treatment. After the refurbishment, Senate President Gérard Larcher recently inaugurated the room for hosting Foreign Affairs Committee of the Senate.
TAIDEN tailor-made over 50 built-in discussion units which won’t take up too much space based on the exact size of the furniture there. The stem microphones adopted are also designed to be extra-long so that delegates can speak at a great distance from the microphone without worrying about poor sound pickup. Microphones can be removed after the meeting, leaving the table clean and tidy.
The system boasts of better security and reliability by using two main units to for redundancy. In case the working main unit fails, backup unit could take over immediately to secure meetings so as to avoid interruption of meeting sessions.

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