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Newport City Council, UK

  • Time of issue:2018-07-07

Newport City Council, UK

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Newport City Council, UK
Jul 07th 2018
Newport Civic Center, sitting on the border of Englandand Wales, is the seat of government for the city of Newport and is a Grade II* Listed building in the Art Deco style.As to host regular councilor meetings atsuch a unique location, the old-fashioned hard-wired conference system that was complicated and unreliable in use can no longer meet the needs of the council. So an update of equipment with a system that could work at the switch of the button and was both affordable and reliable is clearly requested by the council.
After trying out TAIDEN infrared wireless conference system for a couple of weeks, which is a genuine offer made by TAIDEN to help customers make more confident decisions, the council has made up their mind to install a TAIDEN infrared system due to its ease of use, lack of RF interference and ensuring the privacy of non-broadcasted sessions. Especially its wireless way of engineering avoids getting cables all around the room, moving apart woodwork, and cutting holes into original furniture, which would make a total mess of the conference rooms.
This whole system of update comprises 35 HCS-5302 digital infrared wireless microphones, six HCS-5300TD IR transceivers, two interpreter consoles and infrared pocket units and headphones to form a complete simultaneous interpretation system that can serve welsh-speaking councilors wherever they may sit. The pocket units, or as we call, the receivers can give a wide coverage of infrared signals without ceasing or interference of surrounding noises, just like the conference units do.Now the acoustically challenging environment can get stable CD-like sound quality with plenty of gain produced by TAIDEN infrared wireless conference system. Councilors of Newport are all over the moon with it.
Project details:
35 HCS-5302 Digital IRWireless Microphones
6 HCS-5300TD IR Transceivers
20 HCS-5100R/04 Digital IR Receivers
Partner: Media Vision


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