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How Dose TAIDEN Paperless Multimedia Congress System Facilitate Efficient Meetings?

  • Time of issue:2024-01-19

How Dose TAIDEN Paperless Multimedia Congress System Facilitate Efficient Meetings?

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How Dose TAIDEN Paperless Multimedia Congress System Facilitate Efficient Meetings?

Jan. 19th, 2024

From enterprises to countries, meetings are an important way of communication and coordination. However, in a fast-paced society, the traditional form of meetings can no longer meet the needs in terms of efficiency. TAIDEN perceived the market trends and took the lead to integrate the concept of "paperless" into conference systems in 2010. The launch of TAIDEN’s paperless multimedia congress systems won recognition in the global industry and was followed by many others.


In recent years, TAIDEN launched the fourth generation of paperless multimedia conferencing systems, modular and retractable paperless multimedia congress systems. These newest systems have been further upgraded in many aspects, including the appearance, sign-in method, screen touch, user interface, etc., bringing users a more flexible, smooth and comfortable paperless conferencing experience!

Categories of TAIDEN Paperless Multimedia Congress Terminal

Tabletop Paperless Multimedia Congress Terminal
HCS-8668 series: 14'' 1920×1080 HD touch panel


Tabletop Paperless Multimedia Congress Terminal
HCS-8638 series: 10'' 1920×1200 HD touch panel


Tabletop Paperless Multimedia Congress Terminal
HCS-8665 series: 14" 1920×1080 TFT LCD


Modular Paperless Multimedia Congress Terminal
HCS-8669 series: 14" 1920×1080 HD LCD touch panel


Retractable Paperless Multimedia Congress Terminal
HCS-8679 series: 15.6" 2560×1440 HD LCD touch panel

One-stop Conference Solution Improves Efficiency Before, During, and After Meeting

TAIDEN paperless multimedia congress system is powerful and comprehensively covers the scenarios before, during, and after the meeting. In such a way, the preparation for the meeting gets easier, the form of collaboration becomes richer, and the whole meeting can proceed more fluently.


Before the Meeting

TAIDEN paperless multimedia congress system greatly simplifies the preparation work before the meeting. For example, the conference personnel can centrally set up and manage the information (conference name and schedule information, etc.). They can also upload, download, delete files and manage conference file permissions and others for the designated congress terminal in bulk or individually through the file server. Participants can also sign in via key press, IC card, and fingerprint identification, which are much more convenient than signing in on paper and make the sign-in process more efficient.


During the Meeting
The paperless congress system boasts enriched multimedia functions to provide an outstanding interactive experience during the meeting and facilitate meeting management.

The interactive conference control and management function allows the personnel to better manage the conference process and provide services. For example, they can view the display of venue layout, speaking list, request-to-speak list, etc., and carry out corresponding microphone control for authorized units. Meanwhile, they can select proposals, set up multiform voting, check voting results, take photo for voting, etc. The personnel can manage the video playback modes and send short messages to congress terminals to satisfy other needs in time.


With TAIDEN’s paperless multimedia congress terminal, participants can access functions such as discussion, voting, simultaneous interpretation channel selection (64 channels), speech text guidance, desktop sharing, and video conversation. When sitting in on the meeting, participants can also request speech, view delegate information and meeting schedule, use memos, access Internet, call service, video-on-demand, multi-channel video broadcasting, and so on.

After the Meeting

The annotated documents of the meeting, as well as the audio and video recordings, will be automatically saved. TAIDEN intelligent conference minutes system supports automatic transcription to generate the meeting's minutes, keywords, and voting results. It also supports for search of transcribed content, which makes it convenient for participants and personnel to check documents and recordings at any time. In addition, the files can be deleted quickly for safety and confidentiality.

Highlights of TAIDEN Paperless Multimedia Congress System
  • One cable transmission ensures stable data flow

Based on TAIDEN patented GMC-STREAM Gigabit Multimedia Congress Stream technology, all AV signals are transmitted through a Cat.6 cable, ensuring the real-time performance and stability of important data streams such as conference audio, voting and control information.

  • Proprietary platform, safe and reliable

TAIDEN’s mMediaCongressTM platform with independent intellectual property rights ensures that the system is virus-free, hacker free, reliable and safe. A redundant conference main unit and connection link are set up to take over automatically in case the system fails, thus the meeting will proceed uninterruptedly.

  • Retractable microphone and screen can be lifted/lowered individually or simultaneously

The screen of TAIDEN’s retractable paperless multimedia congress terminal automatically powers on and tilts when raised, with an adjustable angle of up to 30°. The microphone stem can be lifted or lowered independently for personal needs.

  • Direct operation on the screen

TAIDEN paperless multimedia congress terminal has a built-in system, without the need for additional hardware to operate. Participants can directly operate on the touch screen to realize multiple functions, such as speaking list management, initiating the voting, selecting the simultaneous language, video conversation, call services, etc. The paperless congress system is truly convenient and efficient.

References of TAIDEN Paperless Congress System

Since 2011 when TAIDEN paperless multimedia congress system was first adopted by the United Nations Headquarters, the eco-friendly paperless congress system with rich multimedia functions has been applied to more and more conferences of different types and scales.

The UN Headquarter

HCS-8668 Series Paperless Multimedia Congress System


The World Bank Headquarter

HCS-8348 Series Paperless Multimedia Congress System


Yekaterinburg City Hall

HCS-8368 Series Paperless Multimedia Congress System


Malaysia's Sabah State Legislative Assembly

HCS-8668 Series Paperless Multimedia Congress System


Russian National University of Science and Technology

HCS-8368 Series Paperless Multimedia Congress System


Legislative Assembly of Costa Rica

HCS-8668 Series Paperless Multimedia Congress System


Fondazione Cariplo

HCS-8368 Series Paperless Multimedia Congress System




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