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TAIDEN’s Project of International Finance Forum (IFF) Permanent Venue

  • Time of issue:2023-12-05

TAIDEN’s Project of International Finance Forum (IFF) Permanent Venue

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TAIDEN’s Project of International Finance Forum (IFF) Permanent Venue

Dec. 5th, 2023

The permanent venue of the International Finance Forum (IFF) is located in the east of Hengli Island Tip, Nansha District, Guangzhou City. The venue's architectural design takes inspiration from a blooming kapok flower and becomes a landmark building in the Greater Bay Area. The project mainly consists of three parts: the International Conference Center, the International Conference Service Center, and ancillary buildings, with a total land area of about 200,000 square meters and a total building area of about 250,000 square meters. The venue is expected to be a high-level center for international governmental affairs and business conferences.



The International Convention Center is equipped with 45 conference halls and exhibition halls, including the main conference hall, banquet hall, function hall, small and medium-sized conference halls, etc., with the largest conference room covering an area of more than 2,500 square meters. TAIDEN has equipped all the conference halls with professional, high-quality conference audio systems. For the four large conference rooms, including Guangzhou Hall, Nansha Hall, Hong Kong Hall, and Macao Hall, TAIDEN has provided Fully Digital Congress Systems and Simultaneous Interpretation Systems, which can well meet the conference needs for International Finance Council Meetings, guest reception, annual summits, and others. Meanwhile, dozens of small and medium-sized conference rooms on the second and fourth floors have been equipped with Digital Infrared Wireless Conference Systems, to meet the needs of the parallel forums of the International Finance Forum.


The main venue of the IFF 20th Anniversary & Annual Meeting covers an area of 2,500 square meters and is capable of accommodating 2,000 seats. A podium is placed at the front of the venue, with seats for important guests under the podium and seats for the audience at the back. According to the layout, TAIDEN has provided conference systems, simultaneous interpretation systems, etc. Considering the hybrid conference form usually adopted in international conferences, TAIDEN also provides a one-stop solution that seamlessly combines on-site and remote conferences, with features like clear sound quality, simple deployment, and compatibility. The hybrid conference system also features unified management and control, contributing to a highly efficient and collaborative conference.



In addition, TAIDEN provides the HCS-4891 Series Fully Digital Conference Unit for the main venue. The microphone has two built-in pickups and features digital and analog audio outputs. The digital output line is connected to the conference system host while the analog output line is connected directly to the mixing console. The two lines work in parallel so that if any one of them fails, the system can work normally to ensure that the meeting is carried out smoothly.



Simultaneous interpretation is an essential part of international conferences. The radiator can provide infrared wireless signals to the infrared receiver in the conference hall. TAIDEN’s Simultaneous Interpretation System includes the interpreter units for interpreters on site, and the infrared receiver is used to listen to the interpretation content. The receiver has a frequency response of 20 Hz-20 kHz, which ensures high-quality and clear sounds transmitted to the participant. The system boasts outstanding features, including the support of 40 channels, an ultra-wide reception angle of 270°, a transmission frequency of 1-8MHz, and immunity to HF-driven light sources. With all these, the system is confident in guaranteeing every successful meeting.



While the annual meeting is going on, several parallel forums are also held. Because of the various forms of forums, the design of the conference room needs to be flexible enough to split and merge meetings. A set of easy-to-install and portable conference audio system is the best solution. In the 36 small and medium-sized conference rooms of the International Convention Center, TAIDEN provided Digital Infrared Wireless Conference Systems. Different from wireless systems adopting RF technology (433MHz, WiFi 2.4GHz/5GHz, etc.), TAIDEN’s Digital Infrared Wireless Conference System can greatly guarantee the privacy of meetings since it’s free from eavesdropping. There is no crosstalk interference when multiple systems are used in adjacent conference rooms at the same time. And users don’t have to adjust the frequency when using the same unit in another room. The system can also provide CD-grade sound quality. It is very suitable for small and medium-sized conference rooms, and can also meet the needs of bilateral meetings, banquet reception halls, VIP reception halls, etc.



At present, this project has been completed. The venue can meet the development needs of IFF in the future and also can undertake all kinds of political activities, commercial meetings, two sessions of the city, etc. Meanwhile, the TAIDEN technical support team will continue to provide professional, efficient, and standardized service for the International Conference Center, facilitating it to be the pivotal platform that spotlights international finance as well as the Belt and Road vision.




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