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TAIDEN at the First Belt and Road Conference on Science and Technology Exchange

  • Time of issue:2023-11-07

TAIDEN at the First Belt and Road Conference on Science and Technology Exchange

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TAIDEN at the First Belt and Road Conference on Science and Technology Exchange

Nov. 7th, 2023



From November 6 to 7, the first Belt and Road Conference on Science and Technology Exchange (BRST) was held at Chongqing Yuelai International Convention Center. This is the first important activity in a specific field organized after the 3rd Belt and Road Forum. TAIDEN has provided conference systems as well as reliable service to contribute to a successful conference.


Under the theme of “Together for Innovation, Development for All”, the BRST consists of 10 major activities in 5 different forms, including the opening ceremony and plenary session, the ministerial meeting on science and technology, thematic activities, round tables, and exhibition of achievements. More than 300 important foreign guests from over 70 countries and international organizations have participated in this conference.



The simultaneous interpretation system is especially important in large-scale international conferences, summits, forums, and other multi-language meetings. In such consideration, TAIDEN has equipped the BRST with advanced digital infrared simultaneous interpretation systems that support various languages including Chinese, English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian and Hungarian. This equipment delivers professional and clear audio and brings participants a comfortable meeting experience.



TAIDEN HCS-5100R series Digital Infrared Receiver features a sleek and modern design. It supports up to 40 channels and can be used with earphones and headphones. The unique LCD screen can display language channels, signal status, battery, volume, etc. It has a 270 ° ultra-wide reception angle and can work normally in sunlight. Delegates are not limited in their seats, instead, they can work around in the signal range without affecting the sound quality.


TAIDEN HCS-5100T series Digital Infrared Radiator is also adopted to cooperate with digital infrared receivers. This radiator has a maximum radiation range of up to 97 meters with 13 radiation angles adjustable. To meet the requirements of different venues, the radiator can be installed under the lamp stand or installed in the triangular bracket for flexible movements.


In addition, the HCS-8385 series New Generation Fully Digital 64-Channel Simultaneous Interpreter Unit has been applied in the conference. It supports simultaneous interpretation in 64 languages and features an ergonomic design with rich information display. The interpreter unit can seamlessly work with video equipment, which meets the interpreters' needs and makes itself an ideal choice for international congresses.



TAIDEN Digital Infrared Simultaneous Interpretation System boasts fully digital transmission, wide coverage, fast response speed, and a more stable system. It contributes to the in-depth and multi-lingual exchanges among the representatives and delivers important voices of cooperation and development.



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