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  • Time of issue:2023-10-20


(Summary description)As a key exhibitor at GITEX GLOBAL 2023, TAIDEN presents its heavyweight new releases and classic products at the exhibition and showcases its latest accomplishments

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TAIDEN Embraces the Technological Future at GITEX GLOBAL 2023
Oct 20th 2023

As the world's leading technology event, GITEX GLOBAL 2023 brings together numerous innovators and technology experts from all over the world to discuss future trends. As a key exhibitor, TAIDEN presents its heavyweight new releases and classic products at the exhibition and showcases its latest accomplishments, which drew a lot of interest on the first day of the event.


Two sections of the booth are set aside for display and demonstration purposes. Several TAIDEN’s recent systems are on display, including Fully Digital Congress Systems, Digital Infrared Wireless Conference Systems, and Paperless Multimedia Congress Systems.

The Fully Digital Congress System adopts TAIDEN originated MCA-STREAM digital processing and transmitting technologies and incorporates the most recent fully digital technology, audio technology and network techniques. This system also brings new features such as Congress Management Platform (CMP), Simultaneous Interpreting Hub, Cross OS Support, etc. Meanwhile, the conference audio matrix has (N+8) ×26 output channels, a significant advance that is ideal for hybrid conferences.


In addition, TAIDEN presents the Digital Infrared Wireless Conference System. Its cutting-edge and elegant book look is ideal for a variety of conference rooms. By adopting the digital infrared technology, the system can ensure the privacy of the meeting while delivering CD-quality sounds. Moreover, this system is free from radio interference, quite reliable and easy to use.


TAIDEN HCS-8600 Series Paperless Conference System enables delegates to directly manage the order of speakers, initiate the vote, select the simultaneous language, initiate a video conversation, and call conference services via the terminal. Among many products, the flush-mounting and the modular paperless multimedia conference terminals are highlighted in this exhibition.


HCS-8669 series features the modular design, allowing for flexible collocation on user demand. This system perfectly meets users’ personalized requirements and brings them smooth operation and a more interactive meeting experience.


HCS-8679 series has a flush-mounting design. Its microphone stem can be lifted or lowered independently to adapt to the personalized needs of participants. In this way, it can be organized easily and contributes to a neat and tidy meeting place.

In the demonstration area, TAIDEN sets up a simulated conference scene for visitors to experience the TAIDEN HyCon System on-site. The HyCon System was recently launched by TAIDEN in line with the times and in response to the advocacy of environmental protection and energy saving. It is a hybrid conference solution designed for the integration of online and offline meetings. Better yet, the HyCon system can seamlessly work with TAIDEN’s previous conference system.

TIDEN's conference systems displayed at GITEX have attracted many customers, and the lively conference experience brought by the hybrid conference system solution also left them deep impressions. TAIDEN's advanced audio and video technology is not only applicable to different conference systems, but is also introduced to various classrooms and contribute to education.

Later this month, TAIDEN will display the classroom audio products for the first time at GESS Dubai, so stay tuned and see you there!


TAIDEN INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD, established in 1996, is a high-tech enterprise specialized in R&D, manufacturing and worldwide sales of modern digital conference systems. TAIDEN is one of the world's leading conference system manufacturers, as well as the largest one in China. TAIDEN has won high reputation on a global scale for its excellent quality products and high performance.
TAIDEN trademark and patents have been registered in 130 countries and regions. TAIDEN products have been sold in 120 foreign countries and regions such as the USA, UK, Russia, Italy and many more. Thousands of TAIDEN installations were completed for governments, hotels, conference centers, enterprises and colleges all over the world.
Some of the prestigious projects include: The United Nations Headquarters, Council of Europe (COE) Headquarters, G20 Summit, APEC Summit, IMF-World Bank Annual Meetings, ASEM Summit and the Beijing Olympic Games. By providing successful solutions for many important conferences, TAIDEN has shaped up as one of the most competitive brands in global conference system market.


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