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TAIDEN Cooperated with UN Headquarters Again at the 78th Session of the United Nations General Assembly

  • Time of issue:2023-09-26

TAIDEN Cooperated with UN Headquarters Again at the 78th Session of the United Nations General Assembly

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  • Time of issue:2023-09-26 14:45
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Sep. 26th, 2023


The 78th Session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA 78) opened on September 21-26, 2023, with the theme of "Rebuilding trust and reigniting global solidarity: Accelerating action on the 2030 Agenda and its Sustainable Development Goals towards peace, prosperity, progress and sustainability for all".



TAIDEN has always adhered to the customer-centered philosophy over the years by providing professional and timely onference services for all types of meetings in the UN Headquarters.


As a supplier to the UN, TAIDEN’s technical team has actively supported the conference by conducting a comprehensive inspection and debugging of the equipments, before and during the meeting.


To complete this project, TAIDEN's HCS-48U7 and HCS-48U8 flush-mounted Series have been adopted providing a stable and clear sound pick-up. The rostrums have been equipped with TAIDEN's HCS-8668 Paperless Multimedia Series, which are also the latest products launched by TAIDEN. Delegates can manage the order of speakers, initiate voting, select their preferred language, initiate video conversation, call conference services via the touch panel, and thus have a comfortable experience.


Last but not least, the General Assembly Hall has also been equipped with various other TAIDEN products, including but not limited to HCS-1030U E-ink Nameplates, HCS-4325U/50 and HCS-4325K/50 Channel Selector, HCS-4385U/50 Fully Digital 64-Channel Simultaneous Interpreter Units, HCS-8316 Series High Definition Video Encoder, as well as the HCS-8301M Conference Digital Audio Mixer specially made for UN Headquarters.


It is worth mentioning that the United Nations General Assembly Hall has more than 1,800 seats and all of them are equipped with TAIDEN conference units. These units have built-in speakers and can deliver uniform, continuous, and low volume sounds, which ensures that every participant in the hall can hear clear and high-fidelity voices. Also, these units produce minimal feedback and are perfect for sound reinforcement in large venues.


TAIDEN provided a total of more than 10,000 units of conference equipment to the United Nations Headquarters in their first cooperation. For conference products and conference service, TAIDEN always maintains high standards and strives for excellence.




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