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TAIDEN Offers Better Products to the United Nations Headquarters for Upgrade

  • Time of issue:2023-04-20

TAIDEN Offers Better Products to the United Nations Headquarters for Upgrade

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  • Time of issue:2023-04-20 00:00
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TAIDEN Offers Better Products to the United Nations Headquarters for Upgrade

Apr. 20th, 2023



Over the years, TAIDEN has been trusted by the United Nations Headquarters and the European Headquarters of the United Nations as a reliable conference systems supplier. This year, TAIDEN has completed the debugging and maintenance of its conference systems in the UN Headquarters and updated some of the equipment by bringing the newest HSC-8668 Series Paperless Multimedia Congress Units.

As early as 2010, the United Nations began to go paperless for using and arranging meeting files. TAIDEN, as the leading high-end conference system manufacturer, launched paperless multimedia congress systems in 2011 in response to the UN initiative.

As the supplier of conference systems for the UN Headquarters, TAIDEN provided more than 10,000 units of equipment for the first time, including paperless multimedia congress units, fully digital conference units, fully digital channel selectors, fully digital 64-channel simultaneous interpreter units, HCS-8316 series high-definition video encoders, and HCS-8301M conference digital audio mixer specially designed for the UN Headquarters. In addition, TAIDEN conference units have built-in speakers with high performance, which enable participants to hear clearly at every location in the conference venue without affecting the simultaneous interpretation. In terms of engineering, the advantage of TAIDEN conference solution is that it not only saves investment costs for the project, but also takes into account the experience of the project, and ensures the efficiency of the meeting from all aspects.

Various conferences go on at the UN Headquarters every day, and TAIDEN conference systems always maintain a high level of transmitting the voices of all speakers. In order to further improve the meeting experience, TAIDEN provided HCS-8668 Series Paperless Multimedia Congress Units for 11 conference rooms at the UN Headquarters.

The upgraded HCS-8668 Series Paperless Multimedia Congress Unit features a new and exquisite outlook. It has an ultra-thin body with a 14-inch LCD capacitive touch panel, as well as an 8-megapixel camera to ensure a better document viewing experience.

Furthermore, the HCS-8668 Series Paperless Multimedia Congress Unit supports various methods of signing in (button, fingerprint, IC card) and boasts stronger multimedia functions. This series can well cover scenarios before, during, and after the meeting with core functions such as speech, voting, simultaneous interpretation, file management, speech text guidance, desktop sharing, etc.

Adhering to the values of customer success, TAIDEN has customized the best conference solutions for the United Nations Headquarters and offered more professional, effective, and timely conference services. Keeping in mind the mission of "empower communications at all levels", TAIDEN will provide better equipment and services for international partners and contribute to communications all over the globe.



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