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Customize Unique Meeting Experience with TAIDEN Paperless Multimedia Congress System

  • Time of issue:2023-06-15

Customize Unique Meeting Experience with TAIDEN Paperless Multimedia Congress System

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  • Time of issue:2023-06-15 12:08
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Customize Unique Meeting Experience with TAIDEN Paperless Multimedia Congress System
    Jun. 15th, 2023


As early as 2011, TAIDEN customized the digital conference system (including speech, voting, sign-in, simultaneous interpretation, paperless function, etc.) for the United Nations Headquarters. After 12 years, the UN Headquarters once again selected TAIDEN as the conference system provider to upgrade its 11 conference rooms. In addition, TAIDEN's paperless multimedia congress systems have also been successfully applied in many high-end conference venues such as the World Bank Headquarters, Asia-Europe Summit, Costa Rica Legislative Assembly, Yekaterinburg City Council Hall, and so on.


TAIDEN Paperless Multimedia Congress System is designed based on its GMC-STREAM technology, realizing the transmission of all audio and video signals through a single network cable. It also isolates paperless and multimedia functions from the basic conference functions, fully ensuring the real-time and stability of important data streams of the conference such as audio, voting information, control information, etc.


In the continuation of the TAIDEN Paperless Multimedia Congress System, TAIDEN launched HCS-8669 Series Modular Paperless Multimedia Congress System in order to meet users’ personalized needs.


TAIDEN HCS-8669 Series Modular Paperless Multimedia Congress System


Modular Design, Easy to Install

  • Different units for speech, voting, camera and loudspeaker can be collocated flexibly on demand
  • Optional 5-megapixel magnetic camera
  • High Definition Touch Screen for Smooth Operation
  • 14" high-resolution LCD (1920×1080) touch panel
  • Capacitive touch panel supports multi-touch and improves operation experience


Upgraded Processor for Efficient Meeting

  • Open files much more quickly
  • Brand-new UI, more in line with users' habits


Rich Functions, Flexible Customization

  • Supports speech, voting, simultaneous interpretation, internet access, conference service, etc. Users can also customize functions according to their needs.
  • Video conversation between any two Paperless Multimedia Congress Terminals within the system
  • Built-in Hi-Fi loudspeaker mutes automatically when microphone is active, realizing minimal feedback


Upgraded System, More Stable

  • All audio and video signals are transmitted through one single network cable
  • The upgraded system is free from viruses and hackers, secure and reliable


With paperless multimedia congress system software, it can realize even more functions such as document view, speech text guidance, desktop sharing, video conversation, video display, take photo, call service, etc.


TAIDEN paperless multimedia congress system was successfully applied to the United Nations Headquarters in 2011. Since then, TAIDEN has continuously upgraded the paperless conference, and has significantly improved the system’s body, screen, camera and installation methods. In 2016, TAIDEN launched the third-generation paperless multimedia congress system.


More than that, with the growth of user demand, the fourth generation of paperless multimedia congress system came into being, optimized and upgraded again in terms of appearance, sign-in method, screen touch, etc. It has been favored by many users with its elegant and modern appearance and excellent performance.


Now, the modular paperless multimedia congress system has been launched. With the modular design, upgraded processor, and a new UI interface, this new system will bring a more flexible, smooth, and comfortable paperless meeting experience!




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