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TAIDEN at Sabah State Legislative Assembly, Malaysia

  • Time of issue:2023-08-23

TAIDEN at Sabah State Legislative Assembly, Malaysia

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  • Time of issue:2023-08-23 17:31
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TAIDEN at Sabah State Legislative Assembly, Malaysia

    Jul. 12th, 2023


We are glad to share with you our successful installation at Sabah State Legislative Assembly Project with the assistance of our trusted local partners AFS ENGINEERING SDN. BHD and SR EVENTS SDN. BHD.



Considering the architectural characteristics of Sabah State Assembly Hall and the demand, we developed with our partners a custom-made solution to meet all the project’s requirements.



Sabah State Legislative Assembly hall is a gem of technology, with 100 HCS-8668 Paperless Multimedia Terminals, this room features the conference documents management and viewing, interactive conference control and management (speaking, voting), video conversation, conference service, fingerprint identification, without mentionning the excellent audio quality, high stability and efficiency. After the meeting, the information is automatically organized and can be deleted with one click, safely and confidentially.



Based on TAIDEN’s GMC-STREAM Gigabit Multimedia Congress Stream technology, all audio and video signals are transmitted via a single network cable, which guarantees a real-time and stable transmission of important data streams of the conference seamlessly. It also features a hot spare dual server structure for a smooth backup in case of failure.



 TAIDEN large-diaphragm gooseneck microphone with a 14 mm condenser capsule offers a long pickup distance and a clean sound quality and the 14" LCD multi-touch panel (1920×1080) improves the operation experience. 



As you can notice, Sabah State Legislative Assembly chose TAIDEN for a conference room with a modern design and advanced functionalities, enabling high-level meetings while saving a maximum amount of energy and paper. Thanks to Sabah State for their trust and to our local partners for their technical prowess and work alongside us.




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