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ISE 2023

  • Time of issue:2023-02-02

ISE 2023

(Summary description)TAIDEN showcased the most comprehensive and robust product lineup and solutions for conferences at Integrated System Europe 2023, often referred to as ISE, the world’s largest AV systems integration show held in Barcelona, Spain from January 31 to February 3.

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TAIDEN debuts new additions at ISE 2023
Feb 2nd 2023
TAIDEN showcased the most comprehensive and robust product lineup and solutions for conferences at Integrated System Europe 2023, often referred to as ISE, the world’s largest AV systems integration show held in Barcelona, Spain from January 31 to February 3.
At the show, TAIDEN highlighted many new releases including HyCon System, HCS-5390 Series Digital Infrared Wireless Conference Microphone, TD-1 Series High Performance Condenser Microphone. What’s more, TAIDEN presented its classic solutions including Paperless Multimedia Congress System, New Digital Infrared Wireless Conference System and Infrared Language Distribution System, Fully Digital Conference System, Professional Conference Sound Reinforcement System and Digital Infrared Wireless Classroom Audio System. These products provide customers on the booth unparalleled experiences through cutting-edge solutions that combine innovation, convenience, and function to enhance conference experience.
01 HyCon System
TAIDEN HyCon System can effectively solve the problems of seamless engagement of on-site and remote participants, poor audio quality, complexity in deployment and use and insufficient compatibility. The system allows for centralized meeting management by the moderator, synchronized voting and interpretation for online and on-site attendees, and real-time generation of complete meeting report. TAIDEN HyCon System blends on-site and remote attendees. It perfectly creates a seamless, collaborative and immersive conferencing experience for every end-user. 
  • Seamless and active conferencing, join meetings anywhere
  • All-in-one hybrid solution greatly improved efficiency
  • Superb AV quality provides immersive meeting experience
  • Great compatibility with existing systems
02 HCS-5390 Series Digital Infrared Wireless Conference Microphone
The HCS-5390 Digital Infrared Wireless Conference Microphone boasts unique innovations in both technical performance and appearance design.
The HCS-5390, with its original digital infrared audio transmitting and control technologies, ensures easier application and setup while maintaining the superior performance and system reliability like all other TAIDEN products, making it incomparable with other wireless counterparts. The overall appearance perfectly interprets TAIDEN’s consistent ergonomic and user-centered design philosophy, providing uses with a more concise, smooth and comfortable operation experience. The tactile buttons and the control panel are separated, making the product's functional area more distinctive and the operation more intuitive and efficient. The discreet voting buttons fully guarantee the privacy of voting. In addition, the core function buttons with Braille indicators supply great accessibility to the visually impaired users. Enclosed with high-quality aluminum and glass, the unit provides better texture and excellent durability, which can be adapted to all-types of conferencing and teaching scenarios.
  • Digital Infrared Wireless Conference System (Patent No.200710076589.3)
  • Original dirATC-digital infrared audio transmitting and control technologies
  • Compliant with ISO 22259 and IEC 61603-7
  • Free from RF interferences (2.4-5.6GHz)
  • Easy to move and set up in seconds
  • Ultra-wide 270° infrared signal receiving angle
03 TD-1 Series High Performance Condenser Microphone
TD-1 Series High Performance Condenser Microphone is the top-notch performance condenser microphone launched by TAIDEN. Its superior audio performance and elegant appearance makes it stand out among its counterparts:
With unique thin and light microphone diaphragm, the TD-1 features an extremely superior frequency response. It boasts excellent sensitivity to pick up extremely weak sound waves and reproduce it in the clearest and most accurate way, aiming for contribution to professionalism of events. Besides, with further pickup distance, speakers can be relieved from having their face being blocked by the microphone. In terms of design, the pitching angle of microphone can be adjusted freely to adapt to different user habits. It also supports different types of microphone stems to meet diverse application needs. The progressive function division and the perfect combination of tactile buttons and glass panel bring much better performance and more unique appearance compared with its counterparts.
It is suitable for a variety of in-person or hybrid conferencing and teaching scenarios of various sizes, and scenarios where high-quality sound pickup is required like professional recording, television broadcasting and conferencing events.
  • 22 mm condenser capsule with greater pickup distance. Speakers are no longer limited to close distance
  • Low cut greatly reduces microphone popping and ambient noise
  • DIP switch for flexible setting of the On/Off button
  • Excellent immunity to RF interference from mobile phones
  • Aim for contribution to professionalism of events
The development of society is boosted by meeting activities. To reduce communication costs and improve the efficiency of decision-making, a set of conference equipment with clear sound quality, superior performance, perfect functionality and easy operation is indispensable. The ergonomic and user-centered design philosophy embodied by TAIDEN’s new additions successfully grabbed many visitors’ attention. The visitors were also blown away by the immersive meeting experience provided by HyCon System. In addition, the AV technology developed by TAIDEN can not only assist different types of conferences, but also bring new power to traditional education by improving teaching efficiency, smoothing teaching flow and promoting excellent educational resource distribution.
The ISE 2023 is still in full swing now. Make sure you stop by our Booth 3S100 where can get hands-on HyCon system instructions from our professional team and learn more about our latest addition to the classic series.

TAIDEN INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD, established in 1996, is a high-tech enterprise specialized in R&D, manufacturing and worldwide sales of modern digital conference systems. TAIDEN is one of the world's leading conference system manufacturers, as well as the largest one in China. TAIDEN has won high reputation on a global scale for its excellent quality products and high performance.
TAIDEN trademark and patents have been registered in 130 countries and regions. TAIDEN products have been sold in 120 foreign countries and regions such as the USA, UK, Russia, Italy and many more. Thousands of TAIDEN installations were completed for governments, hotels, conference centers, enterprises and colleges all over the world.
Some of the prestigious projects include: The United Nations Headquarters, Council of Europe (COE) Headquarters, G20 Summit, APEC Summit, IMF-World Bank Annual Meetings, ASEM Summit and the Beijing Olympic Games. By providing successful solutions for many important conferences, TAIDEN has shaped up as one of the most competitive brands in global conference system market.


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