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Thanks Media Vision for the amazing journey together!

  • Time of issue:2022-09-09

Thanks Media Vision for the amazing journey together!

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  • Time of issue:2022-09-09 17:47
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Thanks Media Vision for the amazing journey together!

With the 16th year of great partnership drawing closer, TAIDEN and Media Vision have decided to end their distribution partnership from September 9, 2022 onward.


TAIDEN is grateful to have had Media Vision on board over the past years to grow and establish the presence together. The trust and support that Media Vision and its founder Mr. Fardad Zabetian have placed in TAIDEN are highly appreciated.


As much as we regret to part ways, the relationship has strengthened and brightened both TAIDEN and Media Vision for a more promising future. We wish Media Vision all the best in the future endeavors.  


TAIDEN is currently strengthening its sales and technical team in both Europe and America. TAIDEN customers who bought through Media Vision will have continuous support from Media Vision and also direct support from TAIDEN. For those who would like to acquire new set of TAIDEN solutions or need our service, please reach TAIDEN team directly. We will make the utmost efforts to support and provide service to our customers, ensuring more prompt response and better customer experience.


Our point of contact:
Europe: Ms. Sarah Ghermaoui (sarah@taiden.fr)
North America: Ms. Faith Fang (n_america@taiden.com)


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