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TAIDEN Paperless Multimedia Conference System Helps Asia-Europe Summit

  • Time of issue:2021-06-17

TAIDEN Paperless Multimedia Conference System Helps Asia-Europe Summit

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TAIDEN Paperless Multimedia Conference System Helps Asia-Europe Summit
Release time: 2016-07-20
  On July 15, 2016, the 11th Asia-Europe Summit was opened in Ulabator, the capital of Mongolia. The theme of the meeting was "Twenty Years of Asia-Europe Partners, Connectivity Creates the Future". Mongolian President Elbegdorj presided over the meeting. Leaders from 53 member states and representatives of international organizations attended the meeting, continuing to consolidate and Deepen the new Asia-Europe partnership and contribute to all parties. TAIDEN, as the exclusive supplier of conference systems for the Asia-Europe Conference, customized high-end conference solutions for this international event.

"Family Portrait" of ASEM Leaders

  The Asia-Europe Summit has been held in 1996 and has been held every two years. Over the past two decades, the number of member states has increased from 26 in the early days of its establishment to 53. The ASEM activities include summits, meetings of foreign ministers and other ministerial meetings. The members of the forum aim to enhance understanding and cooperation through dialogue, and create favorable conditions for the economic and social development of Asia and Europe.
  Shenzhen Taipower, which escorted this international conference, was also established in 1996. The 20 years of hard work in the conference system industry, the service experience of many international conferences and the successful cases of various large and small venues have laid a foundation for Shenzhen Taipower to ensure the smooth progress of this conference. A solid foundation. For the Asia-Europe Summit, 10 venues all used TAIDEN conference system products throughout. As the latest large-scale international case of Shenzhen Taipower, the high-end customized meeting solutions of this summit have many highlights:
Highlight 1 : A new generation of paperless multimedia conference system was unveiled at the summit
  Located in the main venue of Shangri-La Hotel, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia’s capital, there are 57 TAIDEN HCS-8338NBDE new generation paperless multimedia conference delegate terminals. This series of products organically combines professional audio and video technology and information technology, and is an ideal solution for modern conference organization. The latest new generation system adopts a quad-core processor, supports multi-touch, high-definition video playback, new paperless operation and other functions. The application of this product in this conference is a concentrated manifestation of TAIDEN's high-end conference solutions, which complements the high specifications of this summit.

When the main conference is in progress

Highlight 2 : Simultaneous interpretation support in 15 languages-different languages, the same summit
  As the world's largest intercontinental intergovernmental forum, the Asia-Europe Summit has put forward extremely high requirements for simultaneous interpretation in different languages. Shenzhen Taipower provided 78 HCS-4385 fully digital simultaneous interpretation translation units, about 1,500 HCS-5100R digital infrared receivers and professional translator rooms for the summit, meeting the multilingual needs of simultaneous interpretation in 15 languages. It also ensures that officials from various countries and major media in other branch venues can stably listen to the conference content in high-definition sound quality. The simultaneous interpretation translators of this conference felt that TAIDEN products have clear voice, complete functions, and easy to use, and they all gave thumbs up to the on-site service staff of Taipower.
  For many years, TAIDEN has been at the international leading level in simultaneous interpretation products. As early as 2001, Taipower Corporation developed the world's first infrared simultaneous interpretation system that is not interfered by high-frequency driving light sources; in 2008, Taipower Corporation successfully developed a digital infrared processing chip with all independent intellectual property rights, and launched a digital infrared International standard HCS-5100 series digital infrared simultaneous interpretation system; TAIDEN's latest HCS-5100 Plus series supports 40-channel simultaneous interpretation, which is the most advanced digital infrared simultaneous interpretation system in the world with the largest number of simultaneous interpretation channels. Shenzhen Taipower also participated in the formulation of ISO international simultaneous interpretation standards on behalf of China.

Schematic diagram of each language of the main venue and its translation room


TAIDEN mobile simultaneous interpretation room


TAIDEN HCS-4385 Full Digital Simultaneous Interpretation Translation Unit


Representatives from various countries used TAIDEN digital infrared receivers to listen to the conference content in different languages

Highlight 3 : TAIDEN Full HD Video Tracking and Transmission Solution
  At this summit, the main venue and multiple branch venues put forward high technical requirements for the automatic tracking of the speeches of the participants and the recording and broadcasting of the meeting. TAIDEN's high-definition camera automatic tracking system, high-definition video matrix, and conference-specific digital high-definition recording and broadcasting system are organically combined to provide a perfect full-HD video tracking and transmission solution.

TAIDEN HCS-3316HDB high-definition video conference camera installed in the center of the main venue and branch venues

Highlight 4 : Different meetings have different needs, TAIDEN also "holds"
  ASEM Villa Large Ger, located in the southern suburbs of Ulaanbaatar, is the most distinctive branch venue of the Asia-Europe Meeting. TAIDEN provided 56 seats of HCS-4887 tabletop full-digital conference system representative units and 170 seats of HCS-5100R series digital infrared simultaneous interpretation receivers and other conference system products for the yurt-shaped ASEM Villa Large Ger venue.

ASEM Villa Large Ger Summit Sub-venue

  In addition, the 9th ASEM Partnership Meeting held on April 21-22 and the 12th ASEM Finance Ministers Meeting held on June 10 also used the conference system products exclusively provided by Shenzhen Taipower. From the intensive preparations in the early stage of the conference to the smooth progress of all conferences including the main venue, various branch venues, press conference rooms, etc., TAIDEN products are perfectly presented and staff professional services have won the European Commission and the Asia-Europe Meeting Organizing Committee. The meeting, as well as the high praise from officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China and Mongolia.
  Ms. Walpurga Speckbacher, the technical consultant of the Asia-Europe Meeting, witnessed the work of Taipower throughout the whole process. She believed that the service team of Taipower was very professional and very careful, and the preparations for the meeting were very adequate. When the meeting was in the middle of the field, she excitedly ran over to hug Taipower service staff Said that all this was perfect; after the whole meeting, she came again to greet the Taipower service team cordially. Everyone congratulated each other. With everyone's joint efforts, this meeting was a complete success.

The 12th Asia-Europe Finance Ministers' Meeting


Delegates of the 9th Asia-Europe Parliamentary Partnership Meeting used TAIDEN meeting products to listen to the meeting content


Summit closing press conference

  For the win-win cooperation of Asian and European countries, this summit is undoubtedly an opportunity, marking the start of the new decade of ASEM; and for the development of Shenzhen Taipower, the successful service of this conference will become its Another star in the brilliant performance has helped the TAIDEN brand to start a new journey.


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