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ISTE 2016

  • Time of issue:2016-11-22

ISTE 2016

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TAIDEN debuted at ISTE 2016 USA
Jul 01th 2016
ISTE 2016 Conference and Expo was held from June 27 to 29 at Colorado Convention Center in Denver, USA. ISTE is world's leading education technology conference and exposition which has been dedicated to provide the best platform for demonstration, communication and exploration in ed tech development. TAIDEN this time made its debut with its education products, using digital IR technology to light up the Expo.
In May 2015, TAIDEN launched the world’s first digital infrared wireless lecturing system TES-5600 Series, applying digital infrared technology to the sphere of multimedia teaching. Since its initial launch, TES-5600 has enjoyed wide popularity within the industry. This time TAIDEN’s debut at ISTE 2016 brought TES-5600 to boost ed tech development on one hand and demonstrate its strength and resolution to enter the education market on the other.  
As a key product, TES-5600 has carved out a niche at the Expo for its unique features. Among all lecturing systems, technology like UHF, VHF, 2.4G WiFi, Bluetooth or even analog IR, has obvious technical limitations, which makes it difficult to meet the needs of teaching environment. However, TAIDEN TES-5600 distinguished itself with the features of high interference resistance, audio clarity, no radio radiation and easy use & manageability. Besides teaching aids, TAIDEN also showcased other knockout conference system products including the New Generation Paperless Multimedia Congress System, the Digital IR Wireless Conference System, the new 64-Channel Simultaneous Interpreter Unit and the Fully Digital Congress System.
During the four days of ISTE, TAIDEN attracted plenty of visitors. Educators, integrators, dealers as well as students all showed great interest to TAIDEN digital IR education products. Although TAIDEN’s digital infrared technologies are well known in the field of conference systems, it is still new to the field of education. After listening to the product introduction and actually trying out the products, visitors all spoke highly of the quality and performance. Since teaching buildings are usually compact of classrooms, it is difficult for common technologies to achieve perfect audio reinforcement. TAIDEN’s lecturing system solved the problem by using IR technology to greatly resist interference, which indeed impressed the visitors

TAIDEN INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD, established in 1996, is a high-tech enterprise specialized in R&D, manufacturing and worldwide sales of modern digital conference systems. TAIDEN is one of the world's leading conference systems manufacturers, as well as China's largest conference systems manufacturer. TAIDEN owns high-end technologies for conference systems and provides excellent solutions for meetings. Its Paperless Multi-media Congress System, Fully Digital Congress System, Wireless Conference System, Simultaneous Interpretation System, Large Scale Voting System, etc. stand in first place worldwide. TAIDEN products have been sold in 120 foreign countries and regions. Thousands of TAIDEN installations were completed for governments, hotels, conference centers, enterprises and colleges all over the world. Some of the prestigious projects include: The United Nations Headquarters, Council of Europe (COE) Headquarters, G20 Mexcio Summit, APEC Summit, IMF-World Bank Annual Meetings (Washington), and the Beijing Olympic Games. With successful solutions for many important conferences, TAIDEN has shaped up as one of the most competitive brands in global conference system market.


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