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2004 Pro-Light & Sound Fair in Frankfurt

  • Time of issue:2009-08-26

2004 Pro-Light & Sound Fair in Frankfurt

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TAIDEN Intelligent conference system got honored from Frankfurt
April 05 2004
>>> Frankfurt
>>> April 05 2004
During the time of 31th March --- 3th April, a good news break out from Pro-Light & Sound Fair in Frankfurt that Taiden Industrial Co.,Ltd. to be the focus on the Fair for It brings Intelligent Conference System that has high technical values. This system is the first invention in China that supplies a gap in this field. It also earned honors for mainland.
Since Taiden Industrial Co.,ltd. founded, it has been the leader of conference system. Taiden products have been used in many larger and different occasions as The Second Africa Union Conference, BAOAO Asia Tour Forum, High-Tech conference etc. In the end of 2003, a new system—Taiden Intelligent Conference System, it makes the perfect combination between digital conference system and central control system. It combines voting system, speaking system, video camera auto tracking system, IC-Card sign in system, Simultaneous interpretation system, IR language distribution system and also intelligent central control system. System controlled by wireless Touch Panel to reach all the intelligent managements. Also, system confirmed by Doc. Zhang Feibi and many experts in electroacoustic field, it is the“ First invention in the country, advanced production in the world”.
After this Pro-Light & Sound Fair, Taiden product begins enter European marketing extensively. It’s the second large overseas marketing after East-Asia opened by us. In fact, in the early time of 2003, we laid a firmly foundation for our products can enter Europe marketing that all of our products passed CE certificate.
On this Fair, we got 58 agreements from the customer, total amount is about $1,200,000.00 Those customers who come from Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Russia, Holand and Ukraine European countries and also some other countries as from North Africa and Middle-East etc.


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