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Shenzhen International Exhibition Center

  • Time of issue:2012-03-06 00:00

Shenzhen International Exhibition Center

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Shenzhen 800 People Venue in International Exhibition Center

September 20 ,2005
The media conference system in the second part of Shenzhen international conference center has been checked and accepted in sep 2005. It will become into used soon. The HCS-4100 series in this project is the latest research of TAIDEN digital conference system which including 686 discussion units with voting, IC card sign-in, 32 channels interpretation, and LCD display facilities.
By using TAIDEN originated MCA-STREAM (Multi Channel Audio Stream) multi-channel audio and digital transmitting technology HCS-4100 digital conference system revolutionary brings both the latest fully digital technologies and the network techniques into conference system. Further, with perfectly integrated with TAIDEN Conference Sign-in System and Intelligent Central Control System, HCS-4100 takes the leading in providing comprehensive and efficient conference system solutions in this industrial field.




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