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China National Convention Center (CNCC)

  • Time of issue:2012-03-07 00:00

China National Convention Center (CNCC)

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TAIDEN Conference Systems in CNCC successfully pass the Completion Acceptance

Nov.16 2009
Ideally located in the heart of Beijing Olympic Green, the prestigious China National Convention Center (CNCC) covers a total area of 530,000 sqm, the main building offering 270,000 sqm. The centerpiece of the fine-looking CNCC, with the perfect combination of multi-functions and world-class facilities, is China's newest and largest international conference venue. The seating capacity of the plenary hall is 6,000, the grand ballroom is able to accommodate up to 3,500 banqueters, and the exhibition space is 24,000 sqm. In addition, nearly 100 meeting rooms of various sizes - ideal for congresses, meetings, exhibitions, banquets, incentives and other events - are available.
China National Convention Center (CNCC)
TAIDEN won the tender to supply the CNCC with Conference Systems. The equipment includes:
1. TAIDEN HCS-5100 Digital IR Language Distribution System (totally 2550 receivers) and HCS-4100/20 Fully Digital Conference System for the CNCC Grand Plenary Hall (seating capacity of 6,000) and the CNCC Grand Ballroom (3500 banqueters).
2. The Lecture Hall (seating capacity of 400), is equipped with TAIDEN HCS-4100/20 Fully Digital Conference System (418 seats in total), with 396 seats of HCS-4320/20 Fully Functional armrest flush mounting Conference Chairman/Delegate Units, featuring discussion, 64 CH wired simultaneous interpretation, voting, IC-card sign-in etc.
3. VIP Reception Halls (in total 3 halls) and Medium & Small Sized high-class meeting rooms (more than 80 rooms) are equipped with TAIDEN HCS-5300 Digital IR Wireless Conference System - the first digital IR wireless conference system in the world – and with HCS-4100/20 Fully Digital Conference System.
Besides, more than 10 pieces of TAIDEN TMX Matrix Switchers have been installed in total, including TMX-0808RGB 8x8 RGBHV Matrix Switchers; TMX-0804RGB 8x4 RGBHV Matrix Switchers; TMX-1616V 16x16 VIDEO Matrix Switchers; TMX-0808V 8x8 VIDEO Matrix Switchers. Three sets of HCS-4393B far-distance conference sign-in units are in use.
In addition, HCS-4100/20 Series Management Software Modules and HCS-5300 Series Management Software Modules complete the conference system.
On October 16th 2009, the CNCC Conference Systems Project was under completion acceptance. After approval of the systems hardware, the cable-installation & -connection in the venues, the testing of simultaneous interpretation system, and the synchronizing operation together with other interrelated systems, Party A - Beijing North Star Convention Center Development Co., Ltd., the Design Party - Radio, Film and Television Design and Research Institute and the Supervision Party – Beijing Ceris Co., Ltd., unanimously issued a successful completion acceptance of the CNCC Conference System Project.
More to the point, HCS-5300 Series digital Infra-red wireless conference system was initially installed in three VIP Reception Halls only. But after the individual check and acceptance of HCS-5300 system in August, Party A was delighted with the audio performance and effect of the digital IR wireless conference system and decided to install and use HCS-5300 series in another 10 Medium-sized High-class Meeting Rooms.
With the large investment project CNCC, ChinaNationalConvention Center is now the most advanced convention center in China and also the world’s leading Convention Center. The start-up of the CNCC symbolizes a new milestone in China’s convention industry. Likewise, the successful completion acceptance of the CNCC conference system project underlines the internationally recognized high level of TAIDEN’s China-made conference systems, both for its products and technologies.
CNCC VIP Reception Halls (in total 3 halls)
VIP Reception Halls(HCS-5300D_S)
VIP Reception Halls(HCS-5300TA/W)
CNCC Lecture Hall (seating capacity of 400)
CNCC Lecture Hall(HCS-4320D/20)
CNCC Plenary Convention Hall
CNCC Grand Plenary Hall(HCS-5100T/35)
High-class meeting room (equipped with HCS-5300 Digital IR Wireless Conference System)
High-class meeting room(HCS-5300D_S)
High-class meeting room(HCS-5300T)
High-class meeting room(equipped with HCS-4100 Digital Conference System)
High-class meeting room(equipped with HCS-4100 Digital Conference System)
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