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Gansu Convention and Exhibition Center

  • Time of issue:2012-03-12 00:00

Gansu Convention and Exhibition Center

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Gansu Convention and Exhibition Center equipped with the TAIDEN paperless
multi-media congress system
July 04 2011
The Gansu Convention and Exhibition Centre complex occupies an area of  129,600 square meters, with a total construction area of  177,000 square meters. The total investment capital was approximately 1.5 billion Chinese Yuan (approx. US$ 236 million). The most dazzling part, the Gansu Grand Theatre (identical with the Gansu Convention Center) - honored as “the new landmark in the region” – was equipped with the world's most advanced paperless multi-media congress system provided by Shenzhen Taiden Industrial Co., Ltd.
As a regional culture and construction benchmark, the Gansu Grand Theatre (= Convention center) is a multi-functional building with a brand new concept and a strong sense of contemporary art and meeting. With a total construction area of ??33,000 square meters, the Grand Theatre has invested about 3.1 billion Chinese Yuan (approx. US$ 0.5 billion) and comprises a theater hall with 1500 seatings. In addition, as the permanent conference venue of the provincial and municipal governments’ NPC, CPPCC, it also includes a theater-style lecture hall of 300 seats, a conference room of 200 seats, an international conference hall of 120 seats, nine medium-sized conference rooms of 70 seats and six small meeting rooms of 50 seats. The press room, VIP lounge, meeting room and other facilities, can accommodate at the same time 3,000 people for meetings or shows.
In the light of "technology, environmental protection, culture, energy conserving", through scientific and rational allocation of investment, saving at least to one third cost comparing to other similar constructs, the functional integrity and technical advance are achieved in the Grand Theatre. The low voltage system of the Grand Theatre includes an intelligent conference system, a public broadcasting system, and nearly 20 other sub-systems. Thereamong, the first-ranking international brand TAIDEN is adopted. Shenzhen Taiden Industrial Co., Ltd., who has served the United Nations, the World Bank, the APEC Summit, the Beijing Olympic Games and other top international conferences with TAIDEN conference systems equipment, provided the world's most advanced products for the Grand Theatre of Gansu.
The "International Conference Hall" in the Gansu Convention Center is equipped with the Taiden paperless multi-media congress system, which is based on the TAIDEN originated CongressMatrixTM and GMC-STREAM Gigabit Multi-media Congress Stream technologies. All audio and video signals are transmitted via a CAT6 Gigabit network cable. The system fully guarantees the real-time performance and stability of the important data stream of the meeting, such as audio, voting information, and control information. The Paperless Multi-media Congress Terminal is equipped with a 10" touch panel and an integrated camera and realizes interactive conference control functions (speech, voting, SIS), paperless meetings, video conversation, various video and conference services, etc. The system is energy-saving and features environmental protection, high efficiency and also guarantees secured operation, constituting the very core to realize the “Paperless Meeting". In addition, the International Conference Hall is equipped with TAIDEN fully digital simultaneous interpretation units, an automatic video tracking system and a long-range IC-card sign-in system.

International Conference Hall


TAIDEN HCS-8318 Paperless multi-media congress terminal
The Convention center is also equipped with several sets of TAIDEN originated digital infrared wireless conference system, a total of 60 digital infrared wireless conference units and several sets of software. The TAIDEN digital IR wireless conference system has been widely utilized in many high-end conference venues such as the World Bank Headquarters in Washington, the Lombardy Regional Government in Italy, etc.
On June 20, 2011, the Gansu Grand Theatre project passed the final acceptance successfully. On June 27, Lu Hao, the secretary of the Gansu Provincial Party Committee, together with other leaders attended the opening ceremony of the Gansu Grand Theatre. Accompanied by responsible staff, the leaders inspected the project and experienced the convention center facilities.
All the visitors, media journalists, users, designers as well as the constructors of the Gansu Grand Theatre gave a high evaluation of the TAIDEN conference systems. Some experts compared the conference system installed in the Gansu Convention Center with the world's most advanced projects, like the United Nations, the World Bank, the APEC Summit, the Beijing Olympic Games and other international conference projects. TAIDEN feels deeply honored to have participated in the Gansu Grand Theatre project and to add one more successful prestigious project to the list of its references.


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