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The People's Great Hall of Zhejiang Province

  • Time of issue:2013-12-05 00:00

The People's Great Hall of Zhejiang Province

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TAIDEN Conference System Equipped the People's Great Hall of Zhejiang Province
July 10, 2013
The People's Great Hall of Zhejiang Province (Zhejiang International Conference & Exhibition Center), located in the provincial administrative center area, is an important venue for political, economic and cultural events.
To ensure its facilities being able to support high level and heavy schedules, the People's Great Hall of Zhejiang Province started a renovation project in August 2012. Owing to its excellent solution and industry leading products and technologies, TAIDEN was selected to become a supplier for the renovation project.
 Zhejiang People’s Congress
Zhejiang People's Political Consultative Conference
(751 pieces of TAIDEN HCS-4368/FM series flush-mounting Fully Digital Voting Units for the Delegate Seats)
In the renovation project, the following TAIDEN equipment has been applied: 190 pieces of HCS-4368 series tabletop Fully Digital Voting Units for the Chairman Seats, 751 pieces of HCS-4368/FM series flush-mounting Fully Digital Voting Units for the Delegate Seats, 10 sets of HCS-4393G2 long-distance conference sign-in systems at the entrance, as well as Conference Management Software like HCS-4210 Basic System, Setup Management Module, HCS-4212 Professional Venue Design Module, HCS-4214L Large-Scale Voting Management Module, HCS-4222 Dual PC Server Hot Spare Module, HCS-4223 Agenda Control Module, HCS-4225 Dual System Main Unit Hot Spare Module, etc.
An advanced Control Display System has been installed in the Control Room.
TAIDEN’s Large-Scale Voting System applied in the Zhejiang Province People's Great Hall is currently the world’s most advanced Conference Voting System. HCS-4368 series Voting Units have built-in high performance CPU and full duplex data transmission rate up to 100 Mbps. For an 1000-seat voting system, the count up time for voting result is less than 1 millisecond. No other large voting system has such an incredible real-time responding speed.
It not only makes the waiting time more tolerable when waiting for the voting result, but also assures the delegates about the accuracy of the vote and leaves no suspense. Moreover, TAIDEN’s Large-Scale Voting System adopts high reliability design in system planning, hardware and software etc, as well as a proprietary technology Dual System Main Unit Hot Spare (Patent No. : 200520120055.2). Thus it thoroughly guarantees the strict requirement for voting system reliability for high level conferences like Zhejiang People’s Congress and People's Political Consultative Conference.
TAIDEN’s Large-Scale Voting System has been previously successfully installed in Fujian Province People's Great Hall, Hunan Province People's Great Hall, Guangdong Provincial Party Committee Conference Center and many other high profile projects.
190 pieces of TAIDEN HCS-4368 series tabletop Fully Digital Voting Units for the Chairman Seats
751 pieces of TAIDEN HCS-4368/FM series flush-mounting Fully Digital Voting Units for the Delegate Seats
In the Standing Committee Hall, 80 HCS-8318 series Paperless Multi-media Congress Terminals are installed with HCS-8239 Congress Service Management Module, HCS-8240 Video Service Module, HCS-8241 File Management Module, and other Conference Management Modules, together with an HCS-8319 Service Request Control Unit and a Control Display System for the Control Room.
These software modules are all further developed, based on the practical application procedures and customs of the Zhejiang People’s Congress, so as to provide more convenient operations for the users. Two sets of HCS-4393G2 Contactless Sign-in System are installed in the Presidium Hall.
The Paperless Multi-media Congress System applied in the Standing People’s Committee is a world pioneering product developed by TAIDEN and is considered to be a representative product of the 4th Generation of Conference Systems. The system is based on TAIDEN’s proprietary mMediaCongressTM platform and on the GMC-STREAM (Gigabit Multi-media Congress Stream) technology. All audio and video signals are transmitted via a Cat.6 Gigabit network cable to fully guarantee the real-time performance and stability of the important data stream of the meeting, such as audio, voting information, and control information. Equipped with a 10” high-resolution LCD touch screen panel and an integrated camera, the Paperless Multimedia Congress Terminal realizes the functions of a two-way communication Multimedia Congress Terminal, e.g. conference control & management (speech, vote, simultaneous interpretation), sign-in, conference documents management, conference agenda display, take photo, delegate photo for attendance check and record facility on important conferences, video conversation, video display, multiple channel VOD (up to 10 channels with 800×480 resolution). The system is energy-saving, environmentally friendly, efficient and secure. The Paperless Multi-media Congress System has become the trendsetter for conference system development.
Standing Committee Hall: 80 HCS-8318 series Paperless Multi-media Congress Terminals
Delegates Signing-in through the HCS-4393G2 Contactless Sign-in Machine
Delegates Voting via the HCS-4368 series Large-scale Voting Units
Control Display System in the Control Room
During the First Session of the 12th Zhejiang Provincial People’s Congress and the First Session of the 11th Zhejiang CPPCC Committee in January, as well as the Third Session of the 12th Zhejiang Provincial People's Congress Standing Committee in May, TAIDEN’s Conference Systems have won endorsement by delegates and leaders for the system stability, high-speed and accurate voting and the advanced features of the Paperless Multi-media Congress System.

TAIDEN INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD, established in 1996, is a high-tech enterprise specialized in R&D, manufacturing and worldwide sales of modern digital conference systems. TAIDEN is one of the world's leading conference systems manufacturers, as well as China's largest conference systems manufacturer. TAIDEN owns high-end technologies for conference systems and provides excellent solutions for meetings. Its Paperless Multi-media Congress System, fully digital congress system, wireless conference system, simultaneous interpretation system, large scale voting system, etc. stand in first place worldwide. TAIDEN products have been sold in 110 foreign countries and regions. Thousands of TAIDEN installations were completed for governments, hotels, conference centers, enterprises and colleges all over the world. Some of the prestigious projects include: United Nations Headquarters, G20 Summit, IMF-World Bank Annual Meetings, APEC Leaders' and Ministerial Meetings, Beijing Olympic Games, etc. With successful solutions for many important conferences, TAIDEN has shaped up as one of the most competitive brands in the global conference systems market.


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