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The Parliament Building of Lebanon

  • Time of issue:2012-03-13 00:00

The Parliament Building of Lebanon

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  • Time of issue:2012-03-13 00:00
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TAIDEN Equips the Parliament Building of Lebanon with Fully Digital Congress Systems
Jun 10th 2011
TAIDEN is proud to register another new international prestigious project recently concluded. TAIDEN’s fully digital congress systems in the Parliament Building of Lebanon, located in the Lebanese capital Beirut, have successfully passed completion acceptance by the local authority and are officially put into operation.
The Parliament of Lebanon is the legislative body of Lebanon. Its major functions are to elect the President of the Republic, to approve the government (although appointed by the President, the Prime Minister, along with the Cabinet, must retain the confidence of a majority in the Parliament), and to approve laws and expenditure.
In total 24 sets of TAIDEN fully digital congress systems have been installed in 24 meeting rooms of different sizes in the Parliament Building, combining 24 fully digital congress system main units, over 400 fully digital congress system contribution units, 250 fully digital channel selectors and 100 seats with an 8 channels digital Infra-red distribution system. Besides, the Main Assembly Hall was additionally equipped with an intelligent central control system. The Main Assembly Hall features now discussion, simultaneous interpretation, voting, dual system hot spare, automatic video tracking, synchronous audio & video reading and central control.




The Main Assembly Hall equipped with flush-mounted fully digital congress system contribution units and channel selectors (installed in the armrest of the meeting chair)

The Main Assembly Hall uses intelligent central control system

TAIDEN main units in the control room

Some small meeting rooms equipped with TAIDEN gooseneck microphones

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