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World Bank Headquarters(Paperless Multi-media Congress System )
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World Bank Headquarters(Paperless Multi-media Congress System )

  • Time of issue:2012-03-13 00:00

World Bank Headquarters(Paperless Multi-media Congress System )

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The World Bank chooses again TAIDEN to equip its Headquarters
TAIDEN Paperless Multi-media Congress System – the ideal solution
Aug 26 2011
After rigorous system testing, the World Bank headquartered in Washington D.C. placed an order last month for a HCS-8300 Paperless Multi-media Congress System with 47 HCS-8318 terminals to equip their Executive Boardroom. Now the shipment is on the way to Washington D.C. The installation will mark another high profile application for the world’s first Paperless Multi-media Congress System. For the third time, the World Bank selected Taiden as the conference system supplier, successive to the purchase of 4 sets of HCS-5300 digital IR wireless systems in early 2010 and the extensive use of TAIDEN digital Infra-red SI system in last October for its Annual Meetings.


System Diagram for the Executive Boardroom at the World Bank Headquarters
HCS-8318/20 Paperless Multi-media Congress System Installed in the Executive Boardroom
TAIDEN HCS-8300 paperless multi-media congress system, especially designed for high-end meetings such as Summits, congresses, parliaments and city councils, is based on the TAIDEN originated GMC-STREAM Gigabit Multi-media Congress Stream technologies. All audio and video signals are transmitted via a CAT6 Gigabit network cable. The system fully guarantees the real-time performance and stability of the important data stream of the meeting, such as audio, voting information, and control information. The Paperless Multi-media Congress Terminal is equipped with a 10" touch panel and an integrated camera and realizes interactive conference control functions (speech, voting, SIS), paperless meetings, video conversation, various video and conference services, etc. The system is energy-saving and features environmental protection, high efficiency and also guarantees secured operation, constituting the very core to realize the “Paperless Meeting".
Security is a key requirement for high-end meetings such as Summits, parliaments, and corporate executive boardrooms, etc.
High efficiency is the ambition of any conference organizer. It is a powerful instrument for staff savings and a decisive factor for both the organizational and the commercial success of the event.
Environmental protection is the corporate social responsibility of enterprises and a contribution to a sustainable development.
By virtue of the HCS-8318 Paperless Multi-media Congress System:
There is no need to issue large amounts of papers prior to the meeting and thus it is not necessary to arrange for special staff to prepare and distribute paper documents. Consequently the risk of information leakage is reduced significantly.
During the meeting, it takes only one minute to send electronic documents - equaling half a kilo paper weight - to all congress terminals. Participants may now view the documents easily on the congress terminal, but they cannot take the documents out of the conference room (setting - subject to the requirements of the meeting - is available via software).
By using the feature Desktop Sharing, any participant can share his/her speech text with other participants - either send it to the terminals or/and to a projector.
During a remote video conference, the high resolution video image from the remote source will be displayed on the LCD of the terminal, and vice versa.
Now, conferences are greatly secured, highly efficient, eco-friendly but are as well easy to handle.


Based on TAIDEN originated CongressMatrix™ technology, HCS-8300 Series Paperless Multi-media Congress System embeds an n×8 audio matrix processor (n is the number of microphones connected in the system) in the congress main unit, enabling connection to a multi channel independent PA system (up to 8 channels). Each channel can get a user-defined audio signal; the audio signal of a microphone can be routed to any speaker at any ratio to realize "Mix-minus" function. There will be no acoustic feedback (howl) if the audio transmission gain is increased.
TAIDEN HCS-8300 Paperless Multi-media Congress System - taking the lead in technology trends - revolutionizes the conventional conference systems and is the ideal choice for high-level meetings.
Operating already TAIDEN systems with excellent performance and proverbial reliability, the World Bank gained confidence in the TAIDEN brand. In addition, the HCS-8300 Paperless Multi-media Congress System best fits the requirements of the World Bank.
In January 2010, the World Bank Headquarters purchased 4 sets of HCS-5300 digital IR wireless conference system with in total 94 HCS-5300 microphones. The systems were put into operation in June 2010 after the completion acceptance.
The HCS-5300 digital IR wireless conference system was launched in 2008 as the world’s first digital IR wireless conference system based on TAIDEN original dirATC—digital infra-red Audio Transmitting and Control technologies. It features privacy, high fidelity and is resistant to interferences. Currently it is the ideal wireless solution. TAIDEN has been granted patents in China and in Germany.
In October 2010, a number of international conferences were carried out successively. All conference organizers opted for TAIDEN as the supplier for the conference systems including the IMF/World Bank Group Annual Meetings. This large-scale international event counted more than 10000 attendees.
TAIDEN systems delivered a perfect performance and contributed significantly to a successful course of the Annual Meetings 2010. TAIDEN received unanimous praises from the different parties. The Chief of Audio Visual at IMF and the World Bank declared, “after years of doing the Annual Meetings, the conference and SI system never worked better than this year!”
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