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Conference Center of the Romanian Notaries

  • Time of issue:2012-03-13 00:00

Conference Center of the Romanian Notaries

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Conference Center of the Romanian Notaries “Auditorium Pallady” Equipped with
TAIDEN Digital Conference System
On November 26th 2011, Traian Basescu President of Romania together with Elena Udrea Minister of Tourism and Catalin Predoiu Minister of Justice inaugurated and officially opened the Conference Center of the Romanian Notaries “Auditorium Pallady”. The building is located in Bucharest, Romania and operates on eight floors.
In the building, several rooms for events and meetings of different sizes are equipped with TAIDEN digital conference systems and digital simultaneous interpretation systems. In total 7 pcs of HCS-4360/50 units, 4 pcs of HCS-4841ND/50, 2 pcs of HCS-4842/50, 4 pcs HCS-4385K2/50 and 480 pcs digital IR receivers in the Roma Room and several sets of HCS-3600 series economic conference system have been installed in other meeting rooms.
Roma Room





Operation Room


Meeting Room

Bucharest Hall


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