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The 11th ASEM Summit

  • Time of issue:2016-11-24 00:00

The 11th ASEM Summit

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TAIDEN Paperless Multimedia Conference System assists ASEM Summit
Jul 20th 2016
The 11th Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM 11) Summit kicked off on July 15 2016 in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Leaders of ASEM member countries were welcomed by H.E. Mr. Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj, President of Mongolia. This year’s Summit brings together high-level delegations from 53 ASEM partners - 30 European and 21 Asian countries, and two intergovernmental organizations - under an overall theme of “20 Years of ASEM: Partnership for the Future through Connectivity”, committed to further strengthen the relationship between the two regions. TAIDEN served the Summit with its specially designed solutions for such a high-end conference as the exclusive supplier of conference systems.
The ASEM Summit is a biennial meeting since 1996 with its membership growing from 26 to 53 partners in twenty years. Its events include the Summit, the Foreign Minister’s Meeting and other ministerial meetings. Through dialogues, members of ASEM are expected to promote mutual understanding and enhance cooperation for more benefits to the economic and social development in Asia and Europe.
A surprising coincidence is that TAIDEN also started in 1996. Twenty years of hard work, successful projects in all sizes of conferences and rich service experience in international conferencing, all prepared TAIDEN well for its mission in the Summit. This time in Ulaanbaatar, all of the ten conference venues used TAIDEN conference system products. This is the latest big international project for TAIDEN with several highlights not to be missed:
Highlight One: New Generation Paperless Multimedia Conference System shone at the Summit.
TAIDEN equipped the main venue for the summit in Shangri-la Hotel, Ulaanbaatar, with 57 New Generation Paperless Multimedia Congress SystemDelegate Units, which combines professional AV technologies with information technologies, making an ideal solution for modern conferences. The Paperless Multimedia System adopts quad-core processing technology to realize paperless operations, multi-touch and HD video services. TAIDEN manifests itself in ASEM 11 as a high-end conference system solution provider, which matches the high profile of the Summit.
Highlight Two: a reliable escort for simultaneous interpretation - 15 languages at one summit.
As the biggest intergovernmental forum that crosses continents, ASEM Summit is highly strict about simultaneous interpretation services. TAIDEN supplied 78 HCS-4385 fully digital interpreter units, 1500 HCS-5100R digital IR receivers and 38 professional interpreter booths this time to fulfill the need of multilingual communication and ensure that other officials and media can listen to the Summit crystal-clearly in branch venues as well. Interpreters here all express high compliments to TAIDEN interpreter consoles for the clear voices delivered, as well as the unit’s user friendly design with various functions. They also spoke highly of TAIDEN service team giving professional and round-the clock technical support.
Throughout years, TAIDEN has always been leading the industry of simultaneous interpretation products. In as early as 2001, TAIDEN introduced the first infrared simultaneous interpretation system with perfect immunity to high-frequency-driven lights; 2008 saw TAIDEN’s successful development of its? proprietary digital infrared processing chip and launch of the HCS-5100 digital infrared simultaneous interpretation system complied with international standards. Today, TAIDEN’s HCS-5100 Plus series can support 40 channels, marking the industry’s most advanced record. Besides? product development, TAIDEN took part in the formulation of ISO standards for simultaneous interpretation products on behalf of China.
Layout of different languages and corresponding interpreter booths at the main venue
TAIDEN mobile interpreter booth
TAIDEN HCS-4385 fully digital interpreter unit
Representatives listen to the meeting in different languages with TAIDEN HCS-5100R digital IR receivers
Highlight Three: TAIDEN’s high definition digital video tracking and? transmission solutions.
This Summit consisted of a main venue and several branch venues, posing great technical challenges for auto video tracking and recording of the representatives’ speeches. A combination of TAIDEN’s HD Video Tracking System, HD Video Matrix and Professional AV Recorder for Conference presented a perfect solution for fully HD video tracking and transmission.
TAIDEN HCS-3316HDB HD video conference cameras installed in the center of the main venue and branch venues
Highlight Four: no matter what is needed for the conference, TAIDEN can do it.
The most distinctive venue during this year’s ASEM should be the ASEM Villa Large Ger lying in the south of Ulaanbaatar. The nomadic yurt venue is equipped with 56 TAIDEN HCS-4887 Fully Digital Congress System Delegate Units (tabletop), 170 HCS-5100R Digital IR receivers, and other conference system products.
Due to the limited space, interpreter booths were placed outside of the Ger. Interpreters had to do remote interpretation by watching video feeds from the Ger, which is the last practice that interpreters wish for. As the video and audio quality, especially the synchronization always causes big concerns in such application. Yet TAIDEN system and staffs again solved the task smoothly. "Can confirm that remote went swimmingly too. TAIDEN did a great job", credited from the head interpreter.
ASEM Villa Large Ger
Moreover, the 9th Asia-Europe Parliamentary Partnership Meeting (ASEP) in April and the 12th ASEM Finance Minister’s Meeting (FinMM) in June both took TAIDEN as their exclusive provider of conference systems. From preparation to actual operation and successful conclusion of the Summit, the performance of both TAIDEN products and people won much applause from the organizing committee, European Commission, as well as Chinese and Mongolian diplomats.
Ms.Walpurga Speckbacher, technical consultant of ASEM saw TAIDEN’s work during the whole process. She described TAIDEN team as “professional, careful, and very much prepared”. She even ran up to our staff, hugging them in the middle of the meeting, excited about how perfectly everything works. After the meeting ended, she once again came to speak with the staff. Both parties expressed congratulations to each other on the successful closing of the Summit.
12th ASEM Finance Minister’s Meeting
Representatives speaks with TAIDEN Fully Digital Congress System Delegate Units (tabletop)
Representatives listen to the 9th Asia-Europe Parliamentary Partnership Meeting with TAIDEN conference systems
The closing press conference of ASEM Summit 11
For countries on the two continents, ASEM is undoubtedly an opportunity to realize win-win cooperation, while this year’s meeting marks the beginning of a new decade for ASEM. For TAIDEN, this meeting’s successful experience will turn into another shining star in the company history, helping to embark a new journey.


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