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KIMEP University multifunctional conference hall project
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KIMEP University multifunctional conference hall project

  • Time of issue:2020-12-23 00:00

KIMEP University multifunctional conference hall project

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  • Time of issue:2020-12-23 00:00
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KIMEP University multifunctional conference hall project
Dec 23th 2020
Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics & Strategic Research (KIMEP) was founded in 1992 under the instructions of Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev. KIMEP's campus in south-central Almaty occupied the premises of the former Central Training School of the Communist Party of Kazakhstan. It was among the first private institutions of higher education founded in the former Soviet Union.  
In 2001 KIMEP became the first institution in Central Asia to implement an American-style course credit system for all academic programs.
The university requires high-tech, modern and reliable equipment which is more operational, convenient and intuitive to use.
In 2018, engineers of Samat Show Technic Company, successfully completed a project equipping KIMEP’s conference hall. KIMEP University has a multifunctional conference hall with 25 seats and is equipped with a complex of conference systems. Only professional, high-tech equipment from well-known world manufacturers which is characterized by the lowest probability of failures was installed. Samat Show Technic Company has been successfully cooperating with TAIDEN being their regional distributor for many years. Digital Multimedia Congress System was installed and further integrated with the equipment into a single complex with video conferencing equipment. Also, a video wall was installed in the hall allowing to display video information.
In general, the technological complex of the conference hall consists of the following systems combined into a single whole: a conference system, a sound reinforcement system, a video equipment system, a switching system and a power supply distribution system for technological equipment, low-voltage audio signals and control. Power supply for the conference room equipment is from a power shield installed in the hall.
The basis of the entire audio conference system is the equipment of TAIDEN Company from Shenzhen. The central unit of the HCS-8300MB Paperless Multimedia Congress System (Discussion, Voting, Simultaneous Interpretation - 64 channels, Multimedia Congress Terminal, 256x32 LCD display) provides exceptional reliability thanks to dual connection backup via optical fiber and Cat.5 cable between Congress Main Units and Congress Extension Main Units, "hot" backup of the central unit and a server with a conference database. To eliminate the loss of sound quality when transmitting audio signals, the HCS-8300 central unit and extension units are equipped with an interface for connecting to appropriate peripheral devices (amplifiers, audio recorders, etc.).
Chairman and participants' places at the table were equipped with 25 HCS-8368NAD_B third generation Multimedia Congress Terminals with ultra-thin design and with a 14" (1920x1080) HD TFT LCD touch panel supporting multi-touch and with a built-in 8-megapixel camera. The system is based on TAIDEN independent intellectual property mMediaCongressTM platform, never subject to viral infection, hacker-proof, safe and reliable. Paperless Multimedia Congress Terminal offers better paperless event experience including document reading, HD video watching, interactive meeting management (discussion, voting, 64 CHs x 2 interpretation) and meeting services. Video cameras working together with the conference system automatically follow the speaker. All switching equipment used for video is Kramer’s. TP-573 twisted pair transmitters and TP-574 receivers are used to transmit images with Full HD resolution. For Skype broadcasting an AV Bridge (Vaddio) gateway device was installed at the operator's workplace, which allows transfer and recording of data from analog and digital audio/video equipment over IP networks via a USB connection.
After installation Samat Show Technic Company has been providing full warranty service on an ongoing basis. Samat Show Technic's service center provides 24-hour customer service support through hotline to engineers of the University in Almaty.
Equipment list
TAIDEN Paperless Multimedia Conference System:

• Taiden HCS-8300MB/50 - Fully Digital Congress System Main Unit – 1 

• Taiden HCS-8300KMX2 - Congress Gigabit Network Switcher – 1 

• Taiden HCS-8319 - Service Request Control Unit – 1  

• Taiden HCS-8368NAD_B - Paperless Multimedia Congress Terminal – 25  

• Taiden HCS-8368CSW - Chairman Control Function Software Module – 1 

• Taiden HCS-8368T – Distributor power adapter – 4 

• Taiden HCS-8210/50 - Basic System Setup Management Software Module – 1 

• Taiden HCS-8212 - Professional Venue Design Software Module – 1 

• Taiden HCS-8213 - Microphone Management Software Module – 1 

• Taiden HCS-8224 - Speech Prompt Module – 1 

• Taiden HCS-8239 - Congress Service Management Software Module – 1 

• Taiden HCS-8240 - Video Service Software Module – 1 

• Taiden HCS-8241 - File Management Software Module – 1 

• Taiden HCS-8317 - High-Definition Digital AV Decoder – 1

• Taiden HCS-8316HDMI - HDMI Encoder – 1 

• Taiden HCS-3316HDB_S - HD Videoconference Camera – 2 



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