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ASEM Prosecutors-General Conference

  • Time of issue:2005-12-15

ASEM Prosecutors-General Conference

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ASEM Prosecutors-General Conference

December 15 ,2005
ASEM Prosecutors-General Conference was held in Shen Zhen from 9th to 12th December 2005. 800 people including prosecutors from 46 countries in Asia and Europe, representatives from 5 international organizations and prosecutors-general from all provinces, cities attended the conference. The representative of UN secretary Kimberly Porous and the chairman of International Prosecutors Mr. Henning Ford also join the conference. ASEM Prosecutors-General Conference was initiated by China Supreme People's Procuratorate, procuratorate of Denmark, Korea and other countries and held by China Supreme People's Procuratorate. The topic of this conference is “cooperation in combating international organized crime, build prosperity and stability society”. Member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau, chairman of National People's Congress Wu attended the ASEM Prosecutors-General Conference opening ceremony in Shen Zhen and made an important speech. As the representatives were from 46 countries and areas, the communication is extremely important. The organizing committee paid high attention on the interpretation. During the 4-day-meeting TAIDEN digital simultaneous interpretation system showed great ability on its high performance. TAIDEN provided excellent quality simultaneous interpretation for all representatives.
TAIDEN IR receiver was put on the table of every representative
The opening ceremony <Shen Zhen Exhibition Center 3000 people Multi-Function Hall
The main hall of the conference in Shen Zhen Wu zhou Guesthouse


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