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TAIDEN 10th anniversary celebration and China Conference System Innovation Forum

  • Time of issue:2006-06-10

TAIDEN 10th anniversary celebration and China Conference System Innovation Forum

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On May 30th, 2006, TAIDEN INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD, celebrated its 10th Anniversary entitled Innovation for the world in Beijing International Conference Centre, and China Conference System Forum sponsored by TAIDEN was held at the same time.
More than 500 agents and distributors from 12 countries such as England, Russia, Romania, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Iran, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Chile and Colombia and 32 provinces and cities in China shared joyance of TAIDEN success. In addition, well-known mass media including CCTV, People’s Daily, Guangming Daily, Economic Daily and Audio Engineering, Pro Audio Asia, InfoAV China, Huicong Net, China Intelligent Architecture Information Net and China Audio were also invited to see this historic moment.
All participants extended their warm congratulations on TAIDEN 10th anniversary and highly praised TAIDEN for her 10 years’ hard work and proprietary innovation. They also encouraged TAIDEN to keep improving and make more glorious achievements. Mrs Lillian, representative of the International Congress & Convention Association (ICCA), awarded Certificate of ICCA Membership to TAIDEN at the ceremony.
All the guests present listened respectively to a speech titled Innovation for the world by TAIDEN general manager Mr Zhou Qingdong and an introduction to TAIDEN innovative technologies made by vice general manager Mr Ye Dongmao. After the introduction, they watched the product demonstration in spirits.
In China Conference system Forum, part of the celebration, Mrs Chen Ying, deputy director from China Enterprise Confederation, experts and scholars from China acoustics and intelligent architecture industries, even experienced journalists from People’s Daily and distinguished guests had an in-depth discussion about the proprietary innovation and establishment of International brands.


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China Conference System Innovation Forum

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