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Official Presentation of the First Digital IR Wireless Conference System in the World

  • Time of issue:2008-05-28

Official Presentation of the First Digital IR Wireless Conference System in the World

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  • Time of issue:2008-05-28 00:00
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Official Presentation of the Digital IR Wireless Conference System

May 28 2008
On May 28th. 2008, TAIDEN’s Press Conference for New Products and Global Distributor Meeting were celebrated by TAIDEN Company in Beijing International Conference Center. In the press conference, TAIDEN in-house developed and designed products – both Digital IR Conference Chipset and the work sample of the first Digital IR Wireless Conference System in the world made their official public appearance.
In recent years, wireless conference system technology has become more and more important due to its easy set-up and removal as well as its convenience to operate and to maintain. The structural conditions of a location do not require modifications.
Nowadays, there are mainly two types of wireless conference systems: the first is based on RF technology; the second adopts analog audio Infrared transmission technology. But both technologies have disadvantages: Wireless conference system based on RF technology may cause interference and the conference may be eavesdropped; on the other hand, analog audio IR transmission technology provides insufficient sound quality with a frequency response from 100 Hz ~ 4 KHz, just equal to normal telephone sound quality.
TAIDEN HCS-5300 Digital IR Wireless Conference System, first system combining functions of wireless, digital and IR transmission in the world, provides an excellent solution for conference system, featuring the following four advantages:
1. It is a temporarily set-up wireless system. Since there is no cabling needed, the system is free from troubles such as cable deterioration or cable break, often caused by repeated installations and removals. The structural conditions of the location may remain unchanged thanks to the unobtrusive design of the wireless system.
2. With the availability of IR transmission, conference privacy is guaranteed: IR signals do not pass through opaque walls or ceilings. In addition, the user is released from worries about eavesdropping and radio interference inherent to radio wave-based wireless communications. Operating the IR conference system does not require a radio frequency license all over the world.
3. TAIDEN in-house developed dirATC – Digital IR Audio Transmitting and Control technologies and Broadcast Standard Microphones ensure superb sound quality:
4. Fully functioning System: Discussion, Voting (5 keys), Simultaneous Interpretation (1+3 channels), and Automatic Video Tracking. By applying appropriate software modules the system performs the same functions as a fully digital wired conference system.
The successful development of TAIDEN HCS-5300 Digital IR Wireless Conference System marked a technical progress in scope of international conference system. It provides satisfactory results for both privacy and perfect audio. Therefore, HCS-5300 wireless series has a huge market potential. Home and foreign patents have been granted to TAIDEN Company.
At the TAIDEN Press Conference for New Products on May 28th, all the attending specialists, distributors and project contractors had a wonderful experience listening to the perfect sound quality and experiencing the performance of TAIDEN Digital IR Wireless Conference System and cherished great expectations for the market introduction of the product.



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