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TAIDEN's Press Conference for New Products and Global Distributor Meeting in Beijing

  • Time of issue:2008-05-28

TAIDEN's Press Conference for New Products and Global Distributor Meeting in Beijing

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  • Time of issue:2008-05-28 00:00
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TAIDEN's Press Conference
for New Products and Global Distributor Meeting in Beijing

May 28,2008
Press Conference for New Products
On May 28th. 2008, TAIDEN’s Press Conference for New Products and Global Distributor Meeting were celebrated by TAIDEN Company in Beijing International Conference Center. About 800 guests, including officials from ministries and commissions, specialists and engineers from related industries and distributors from all over the world, attended the conference. Many congratulatory speeches were given.
Unveiling the Conference Chipset – TAIDEN independently developed product
Mr. Zhou Qingdong, General Manager of TAIDEN Company, addressing the audience, mentioned that TAIDEN Company is continuously conducting research and development on conference system technology. The last 12 years TAIDEN’s independent innovation was very successful, generating many technologies with world-wide reputation.

Mr. Zhou Qingdong, General Manager of TAIDEN Company
On occasion of the press conference, the most recent technical achievements – digital Infrared Processing Chipset and TAIDEN digital Infrared conference system - were presented in an unveiling ceremony. In addition, the first digital IR wireless conference system in the world, TAIDEN digital IR language distribution system as well as TAIDEN’s new generation of Central Control System and Matrix Switchers were showcased. Detailed explanations were given by Ye Dongmao, vice general manager of TAIDEN Company and Dr. Chen Haitao.
TAIDEN Press Conference and Global Distributor Meeting Assembly
TAIDEN’s independently developed and designed digital IR Processing Chipset is the first proprietary development regarding Chinese conference system, a real alternative for customers worldwide. With the digital IR Conference Chipset TAIDEN reaches a new high. TAIDEN promises to provide continuously developed products as well as prompt service – TAIDEN will continue its commitment to technological progress!
Guests who made speeches
  Mr. Ai Qingchun  
  Mr. Xue Changli
  Member of the National Committee of CPPCC,     Station Master of Electric Standard Rate
  Former vice Minister of Culture, Honorary     Station, Ministry of Information Industry
  Director of China Entertainment Technology      

  Mr. Zhang Wencai  
  Mr. Zhou Yunfeng
  Commissioner of Ministry of Construction     Responsible for Audio Technology of Beijing
  Science and Technology commission,     Organizing Committee for the 2008 Olympic
  Assistant chief engineer of China     Games (BOCOG)
  Architecture Design & Research Group      

  Mr. Huang Jiusong        
  Vice Director and Secretary-General of        
  Committee of Intelligent Architecture of China        
  Architecture Association        

  Mr. Vladimir Trusov  
  Mr. Guan Yilin
  Managing Director of ESCORT GROUP,     General Manager of QINGDAO TONGLI-AUDIO
  TAIDEN’sgeneral distributor in Russia     CO., LTD.
        Domestic distributor of TAIDEN Company

  Mr. Ye Dongmao  
  Mr. Nicolas Mreches
  Vice General Manager of SHENZHEN TAIDEN     Marketing Director Overseas of SHENZHEN

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