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TAIDEN Digital Conference and IR Products in Beijing National Stadium

  • Time of issue:2008-09-18

TAIDEN Digital Conference and IR Products in Beijing National Stadium

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TAIDEN Digital Conference and IR Products in Beijing National Stadium

18 Sep. 2008
The Beijing National Stadium, also known as the bird's nest, was the main stadium for the track and field competitions of the 2008 Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games. It also hosted the opening and closing ceremonies.
During the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the news release conference hall of this architectural landmark was equipped with HCS-5100 Digital IR Language Distribution System, TAIDEN's most advanced high-end product line for simultaneous interpretation.
Interpreting all through a live press-conference needs at one go professional performance of the interpreters and reliable and permanently troublefree operation of the interpretation system.
During the Beijing Olympics, press conferences were hold every 15 minutes, with live broadcasting carried out simultaneously. In addition some press conferences were convened unexpectedly: high demands which required superior quality both of equipment and service to avoid malfunctions and delays.
Mr. Zhou Qingdong, General Manager of TAIDEN Company, summed up that Beijing Olympic Games was a challenge for TAIDEN, due to its large number of real-time run conferences imposing rigorous standards, by contrast to previous TAIDEN projects such as the Six-party Talks on the Korean Peninsula Nuclear Issue, the 7th SCO Summit in Bishkek, and the Second Africa Union Conference in Mozambique.
General Manager of TAIDEN Company and TAIDEN Team in front of the Bird’s Nest
The perfect interaction between HCS-5100 series simultaneous interpretation system and HCS-4100 fully digital conference system, featuring speech and interpretation facilities, simultaneously distributed Chinese, English, French, Russian and Arabic.
HCS-5100 Digital IR Language Distribution System, TAIDEN's most recent product, is compliant to international standards for digital IR systems. Using a TAIDEN in-house designed chipset this proprietary development offers premium sound quality.
The National Stadium News Release Conference Hall
TAIDEN HCS-5100R IR Receiver(LCD Display with language name)
TAIDEN HCS Main Unit under functional mode in Equipment Room
Moreover, the press conference venue was also equipped with HCS-4130M Digital Professional Audio & Video Recorder for synchronous automatic audio & video recording of the conference. The HCS-4112/50 Broadcast Standard Audio Distribution Unit provided audio signals for further broadcasting purposes.
Scene of News Release Conference in Bird’s Nest
As well Beijing Organizing Committee for the 2008 Olympic Games (BOCOG) as the interpreters expressed their compliments about TAIDEN Conference System and Simultaneous Interpretation System: "Excellent performance and our appreciation for your contribution for successful Beijing Olympics" (BOCOG).


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