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TAIDEN seminar at Acoustic & Lighting System in Kuala Lumpur

  • Time of issue:2009-11-05

TAIDEN seminar at Acoustic & Lighting System in Kuala Lumpur

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TAIDEN seminar at Acoustic & Lighting System in Kuala Lumpur
Nov.5 2009
The seminar attracted more than 150 business professionals on November 4, 2009. During the daytime seminar, held in the Sunway Resort & Hotel and perfectly organized by Acoustic & Lighting Systems, attendees got familiar with the large range of TAIDEN products. The TAIDEN IEC 61603-7 product family, consisting of the digital wireless infrared conference system HCS-5300 and the digital infrared wireless language transmission system HCS-5100, was brought into focus.
The attendees were equipped with 4100/20 fully digital conference system discussion units. The ppt and the lecturer could be watched on 5 large screens.
After the opening speech of Mr. Tai Quek Kee, Ms. Christy Fang gave a brief introduction into TAIDEN’s history which started in 1996 and is marked by impressive milestones in technology and project achievements worldwide.
The guild of high-tech conference and interpretation equipment manufacturers has been dominated for many years by companies headquartered in Europe. TAIDEN is not only on a par regarding the high technological level, the severe quality requirements, the dimensions of the projects handled and the international Standards and Directives met, but sets itself benchmarks with proprietary developments such as MCA-STREAM or dirATC.
In part one, Mr. Mreches first gave some detailed explanations on the standards and regulations TAIDEN is committed to: ISO 2603, ISO 4043, IEC 61603-7, 60914, CE, FCC, RoHS as well as the important EU Directive 2002/95/EC, serving meanwhile as guideline to many countries for similar regulations already existing or still to come. The comprehension of all the above obligations TAIDEN imposed on itself is necessary to understand the company’s legitimate top level ranking among worldwide high-tech conference and interpretation system manufacturers. For better understanding the systems operating principles he also described TAIDEN’s proprietary developments dirATC and MCA-STREAM and also some principals about infrared radiation and its typical properties.
The seminar continued with a comparison WLAN & IR for conference applications, which showed undeniable advantages for IR transmission, especially when using the digital DQPSK modulation scheme according to IEC 61603-7.
The HCS-5300 components and the coverage areas for both the IR transceiver and the discussion units were largely explained. TAIDEN now offers a large variety of transceiver types: ceiling mounting, wall mounting, and fixation on tripod. Different kinds of coverage areas are also available: omnidirectional with wide or narrow angle or circular sector coverage.
Besides, a new generation of discussion units with selectable coverage areas – horizontal, vertical, horizontal & vertical – has been released recently. The technical features of the system are unrivaled for a mobile wireless conference system, such as a SNR > 80 dB (A) or a frequency range from 30 Hz to 20 kHz. The battery life is up to 14 hours if the discussion unit is on continuous speaking mode and on horizontal or vertical coverage mode. In continuous listening mode, battery life is up to 48 hours.
Several HCS-5300 projects were discussed in detail, especially regarding the transceiver types used and their placement within the venues.
The second part of the seminar was dedicated to the HCS-5100 digital infrared language transmission system. Just like HCS-5300 system, HCS-5100 also complies with IEC 61603-7. Detailed information was supplied regarding the types of radiators, their characteristics and the delay switch. Radiation pattern, the resulting footprints and guaranteed rectangular footprints as well as the delay switch settings were displayed in many illustrating graphic images. Some examples were calculated. For easy access to quick results, software tools for footprint area and delay switch settings are available and were demonstrated live. To show the ease of handling of a project, some recent examples were shown and explained in detail. Following, the 5100 components were largely explained, especially focusing on the TAIDEN distinctive features: IR receiver’s 270º wide reception angle and the LCD display which shows the full name and the number of the language channel selected.
Part three was about the economic conference system HCS-3600 and the fully digital system HCS-4100/20. A comparison chart, giving quick access to lots of data, clearly displayed the differences and the common ground - an important tool for planning a project. Both systems are characterized by a large choice of discussion units - tabletop or flush mounted. On occasion of this seminar the new version of the IEC 4043 and IEC 2603 complying simultaneous interpretation unit was also shown. The unit – offering up to 64 language channels in near-CD quality – now features 5 keys for incoming channels and 3 keys for outgoing channels. This requirement is mandatory for bidding on projects of international organizations.
Software nowadays plays an important role in conference management: TAIDEN offers a comprehensive modular Application Software Package: Basic Software – Professional Venue Design – Microphone Management – Voting Management - Video Control – Simultaneous Interpretation –Conference Sign-In – Intercom – Synchronous Recording – Professional Digital Video & Audio Recorder – Multi-User Console – Dual PC Hot Spare – Dual Conference Main Unit Hot Spare - Agenda Management – Speech prompt - Touch IC Card.
During the seminar, some modules were demonstrated live and special attention was applied to the Dual Hot Spare features – PC and Main unit.
The Product Family Matrix Switchers and Central Control Systems were treated in the final part four:
TAIDEN offers a large choice of Matrix Switchers, Distributors, Switchers, Converters & Interfaces: Ultra Wideband RGBHV – Ultra Wideband VGA – Composite Video & Audio – VGA/V/AV Distributors – DVI Switchers – HDMI Switchers – Converters & Interfaces.
The Central Control System units are available as 7”, 10.2”, 12.1” or 15.4 touch panel versions. Some versions can be operated as two-way wireless control units. The number of touch-buttons (between 6 and 10) is also depending on the version.
Detailed data about all TAIDEN products are available in the new edition of the TAIDEN Product Catalog 2009 (628 pages / only e-version / pdf – file)
The TAIDEN delegation was composed of Christy Fang - Vice-General Manager, Nicolas Mreches - Marketing Director Overseas, David Zhou - Customer Service Center Manager and Beryl Zhou - Sales Manager Asia


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