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TAIDEN Equips World Bank Headquarters With Digital IR Wireless Conference System

  • Time of issue:2010-01-15

TAIDEN Equips World Bank Headquarters With Digital IR Wireless Conference System

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TAIDEN Equips World Bank Headquarters With Digital IR Wireless Conference System
15 Jan. 2010
After severe demo system testing, the World Bank headquarters made official order for 4 sets of TAIDEN HCS-5300 Series Digital Infra-red Wireless Conference System - a total of 94 delegate units. The equipment was sent to USA and now undergoes installation and testing.
TAIDEN is proud to register another new international prestigious project on the list of its HCS-5300 Series Digital Infra-red Wireless Conference System installations, following previous large projects such as the Government House in Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic and the China National Convention Center (CNCC).
The World Bank, established in 1944, with currently 186 member states, is headquartered in Washington, D.C. It is a vital source of financial and technical assistance to developing countries around the world. More than 10,000 employees operate in more than 100 worldwide offices.
During the InfoComm USA 2009 in Orlando, the Head of the Technical Department at the World Bank Group visited TAIDEN booth and informed himself of HCS-5300 series digital IR wireless conference system. Especially three important features – privacy guarantee, perfect sound quality and absence of interferences – are of great concern for the World Bank. Soon after the exhibition and preceding the following official order, a HCS-5300 series demo system was submitted to severe performance and reliability tests which were successfully passed.
HCS-5300 digital IR wireless conference system is an in-house developed and designed product and absolutely the first digital IR wireless conference system in the world. The system is based on TAIDEN independently developed digital IR processing chipset; audio frequencies are first converted into digital signals in an A/D converter, followed successively by a digital encoder and a digital modulator, and finally transmitted by infra-red. The innovative technology adopts the advantages of digitization, wireless connection, IR transmission, and implements both bidirectional transmission of multi-channel audio signals and data control. Therefore HCS-5300 series is the perfect solution for wireless conferences.
Presently HCS-5300 series has acquired national patent of invention (Patent No. 200710076589.3) as well as the German Utility Patent Certificate (Patent No. 212008000014.8)

System Features:

The first digital infrared wireless conference system in the world
Original dirATC -- digital infrared Audio Transmitting and Control technologies
Wireless system, easy set up and removal
Perfect sound quality as CD from the microphone
Microphone sensitivity and EQ can be adjusted individually
Vertical radiation angle can be selected through Menu displayed on the LCD screen
Independent MIC. synchronous recording
Infrared transmission technology guarantees privacy
Any quantity of infrared wireless conference systems can be installed in a building
No worries about eavesdropping and radio interference, no radio radiation
Full functions (discussion, voting and 1+3 CH interpretation)
No radio frequency license needed for operating an infrared system all over the world
Undisturbed by HF driven light sources
Excellent immunity to RF interference from mobile phones and RF devices
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