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TAIDEN Conference System Served the Asian Games & the 2010 Asian Para Games

  • Time of issue:2010-12-20

TAIDEN Conference System Served the Asian Games & the 2010 Asian Para Games

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TAIDEN Digital Conference System Served the 16th Asian Games & the 2010 Asian Para Games
in Guangzhou
December 20, 2010
The 16th Asian Games in Guangzhou has turned out to be a record-breaking high level multi-sport event. Around 10.000 athletes coming from 45 Asian countries and regions participated in the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games. Along with the athletes there were 4893 accompanying officers, 4191 technical officers and 9939 journalists from 888 media organizations. SHENZHEN TAIDEN INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD, after supporting the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games successfully, provided the equipment of fully digital conference systems and digital IR simultaneous interpretation systems for this large international sports event. The devices and operations were permanently supervised by the TAIDEN servicing team.
The Main Press Center for the Guangzhou Asian Games (MPC) - with an area of about 20.000 sqm the largest MPC in the history of Asian Games - installed TAIDEN digital conference and simultaneous interpretation systems.


TAIDEN equipment was in use in three important news release halls in the MPC. The largest one - News Release Hall 1 - had a square footage of 1200 m2 and was equipped with 600 digital IR receivers, 10 pcs 64-CH fully digital interpreter units providing interpretation function for 6 languages, 10 seats of fully digital conference system discussion units, and a few broadcast standard audio distribution units supplying a high quality of audio signals for broadcasting. Besides, a total of 20 fully digital conference system discussion units were operated in the two other - medium-sized - News Release Halls 2 & 3.
The 2010 Asian Para Games - a turning point event - is the first sport event for Asian athletes with a disability organized by the Asian Paralympic Committee. Approximately 2512 athletes attended this sports fair - together with 1451 accompanying officers & 1094 technical officers - making it the largest sport event ever before. (The Asian Para Games replace the former Far East and South Pacific Games for the Disabled FESPIC).
During the Guangzhou Asian Games and the Para Games, TAIDEN conference systems and simultaneous interpretation systems were provided by SHENZHEN TAIDEN INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. With its globally first-ranking features and its stable & reliable operation the equipment furnished made a great contribution for Asia’s largest sports event, and received high praise from the Asian Olympic Committee and the Asian Paralympic Committee.
Mr. Bill Weber, chief-interpreter for five Olympic Games including Beijing Olympics, was also the chief-interpreter for the 16th Asian Games. Since the Beijing Olympics, Mr. Bill Weber has been using TAIDEN equipment in the 2009 SportAccord & the IOC Executive Board Meetings and the 2010 ANOC in Mexico, which made him highly appreciate TAIDEN simultaneous interpretation systems. Therefore, after the Guangzhou Asian Games, Mr. Weber paid a special visit to TAIDEN headquarters in Shenzhen.
Mr. Bill Weber (second from left) at TAIDEN
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