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The Palazzo Lombardia of Lombardy Region Equipped Extensively with TAIDEN Digital IR Wireless Conference Systems

  • Time of issue:2011-03-02

The Palazzo Lombardia of Lombardy Region Equipped Extensively with TAIDEN Digital IR Wireless Conference Systems

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The Palazzo Lombardia of Lombardy Region Equipped Extensively with
TAIDEN Digital IR Wireless Conference Systems
Mar. 02 2011
Lombardy Region (Regione Lombardia) is one of the 20 regions of Italy. The capital is Milan. One-sixth of Italy's population lives in Lombardy and generates about one fifth of Italy's GDP, making it the most populous and the richest region in the country.
Lombardy is also one of the three richest regions in Europe and according to the statistical data of Eurostat Lombardy generates the highest GDP in Europe. Many national or international companies set up their headquarters in Milan and Lombardy is also home to top-leading football , rugby and basketball teams.
Between October 2010 and February 2011 Lombardy Region gradually moved all its offices to the Palazzo Lombardia, the new headquarters of the Regional Government of Lombardia. With 161.3 meters the Palazzo is currently the tallest building in Italy. It was designed by Pei Cobb Freed & Partners, the winners of an international design competition in 2004. The four interwoven sinusoidal building components recall the mountains and valleys of the region. The complex includes a 160-meter-tall office tower.
The Central Plaza of the Lombard Cities is topped with a glass roof construction. The Central Plaza It is linked to two secondary open spaces - towards Via Melchiorre Gioia and Via Pola. Other major components are for example a multi-use auditorium, exhibition spaces and an 38-meter-tall office complex. The urban area is characterized by an entirely pedestrian area, consisting of a system of internal streets for easy reach of the businesses that service the whole city. It is worth emphasizing that the design of the new center, which includes the use of innovative and cutting-edge technologies, carries energy saving and environmental sustainability to the extremes.
The thirty-eight meetings rooms of the Project Palazzo Lombardia, Regione Lombardia have been equipped with 38 sets of TAIDEN HCS-5300 Series Digital Infra-red Wireless Conference System, cumulating more than 400 HCS-5300 series contribution units. Currently the installation of all the TAIDEN products has been finished and the systems are brought into operation. The user highly praised the HCS-5300 digital IR wireless conference system for its outstanding features such as perfect sound quality, privacy guarantee and absence of interferences. Moreover they are considering the option to adopt TAIDEN digital IR wireless conference system for the second phase of the project.

With advantages like easy set up and removal, convenient operation and maintenance, neatness and elegance, no impact on the building structure, wireless conference systems became the first choice for the project Palazzo Lombardia. However, on the one hand meeting rooms in the same building are quite close to each other and on the other hand there is a very high probability that conference systems may all operate at the same time. Facing this reality, wireless conference systems based on RF technology (including WLAN) were out of competition and infra-red transmission technology became the perfect solution for the wireless conference systems.
As widely known, RF wireless conference systems operated in adjacent meeting rooms, may interfere with each other because RF delegate units radiate RF signals - the more units in operation the stronger the interferences. Besides, due to incorrect or intended system configuration, a system may receive useful yet unsolicited RF signals from neighboring rooms. But the reception of useful yet unrequested digital data infringes confidentiality in an inacceptable manner.
One project - for instance - was realized with nine RF wireless conference systems. On simultaneous operation, interferences occurred in all rooms and the systems could only operate in turn. As a result the customer felt totally discontent. RF wireless conference systems can be interfered by WiFi and Bluetooth equipment, wireless interphones, wireless telephones, wireless projectors, wireless mouses, wireless keyboards, wireless touch panels of central control systems, etc. As such interferences may be time-variant, RF based wireless conference systems randomly reach unpredictable and not manageable unstable states.
Infra-red transmission technology - however - has invaluable benefits: infra-red cannot penetrate opaque structures like walls or ceilings, thus guaranteeing the privacy of a meeting; If meeting rooms are separated by opaque walls, ceilings and room dividers, the number of IR wireless conference systems installed in a building is at discretion. The systems will not interfere with each other. Secondly: infra-red transmission avoids eavesdropping because infra-red transmission does not generate electromagnetic radiation which could be used outside a venue to monitor a meeting illegally.
Therefore, in virtue of the privacy guarantee as well as of the non-existence of interferences, the IR wireless conference system became the best solution for Regione Lombardia’s Palazzo Lombardia project.
Besides, the sound quality of IR wireless conference systems, based on analog audio transmission technology, was unsatisfactory. The frequency response ranged from 100 Hz to 4 kHz, equal to the sound quality of a normal telephone. Such data could not meet the high requirements of the Regione Lombardia project. TAIDEN originated digital IR wireless conference system merges the advantages of both digital processing and wireless infra-red transmission. The TAIDEN HCS-5300 series turned out to be the ideal and perfect solution for Regione Lombardia’s Palazzo Lombardia project.
The below test record compares the system frequency response of the TAIDEN HCS-5300 digital IR wireless conference system and an analog IR wireless conference system. The comparison drawing demonstrates impressively that the TAIDEN digital IR wireless conference system features a large and horizontal frequency response guaranteeing the perfect sound performance of the whole system.
System Features:
  • The world’s first digital infrared wireless conference system (Patent No. 200710076589.3)
  • Original dirATC -- digital infrared Audio Transmitting and Control technologies
  • Wireless system - easy set up and removal
  • Perfect CD sound quality from the microphone
  • Microphone sensitivity and EQ adjustable individually
  • Vertical radiation angle selectable through menu displayed on the LCD screen
  • Independent MIC. synchronous recording
  • Privacy guarantee through infrared transmission technology
  • Any quantity of infrared wireless conference systems operable in a building
  • No risks for active eavesdropping, no radio interferences, no radio radiation
  • Full functions (discussion, voting and 1+3 CH interpretation)
  • IR systems worldwide operable – no radio frequency licenses needed
  • Undisturbed by HF driven light sources
  • Excellent immunity to RF interference from mobile phones and RF devices
Following the installation of the TAIDEN HCS-5300 Series Digital Infra-red Wireless Conference System early this year, in this October, the Regional Government of Lombardia, Regione Lombardia purchased several TAIDEN HCS-8300 series Paperless Multi-media Congress systems, in total 100 pcs of HCS-8318 10" congress terminals to equip its conference rooms. Now the commissioning of the systems has been completed.
Below is one of the conference rooms for high-level government officials.
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