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2011 TAIDEN National Distributor Training in Shenzhen

  • Time of issue:2011-08-08

2011 TAIDEN National Distributor Training in Shenzhen

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2011 TAIDEN National Distributor Training in Shenzhen
August 8th 2011
The 2011 TAIDEN National Distributor Training was held from August 4th to 7th, in the Seaview O’City Hotel in Shenzhen. Nearly one hundred representatives from 32 provinces gathered in Shenzhen to have in-depth training and communication on the TAIDEN Paperless Multi-media Congress System and on TAIDEN’s most recent technologies.
During the two-day meeting, TAIDEN senior engineers shared with all participants the design philosophy, system features, function details, system connection & testing and other practical topics of the paperless multimedia congress system. For on-site training, TAIDEN provided each two attendees one HCS-8318ADE 10”paperless multimedia congress system terminal which enabled participants to learn the powerful functions of the paperless multimedia congress system and get operation experience. Moreover, the upgraded fully digital congress system HCS-4100/50, the digital infrared wireless conference system HCS-5300, the digital infrared language distribution system HCS-5100 were introduced and presented in detail, followed by a lesson of programming & interface design of the HCS-6000 series intelligent central control system. During the meeting, Vice General Manager Mr. Ye Dongmao shared with everyone his years of experience in project management and techniques in preparation of bidding documents.

After the training, the representatives visited the marketing department and the exhibition hall at the TAIDEN headquarters. They confirmed the success of the training and the remarkableness of the TAIDEN products and paid tribute to TAIDEN’s powerful R&D and sales ability. They also expressed their hope for more of such most instructive conferences.



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