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TAIDEN Serves the 2011 World Bank & IMF Annual Meetings

  • Time of issue:2011-10-11

TAIDEN Serves the 2011 World Bank & IMF Annual Meetings

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TAIDEN Serves the 2011 World Bank & IMF Annual Meetings
Oct. 11 2011
The plenary session of the 2011 World Bank and IMF Annual Meetings was held in the morning of Sept. 23. Central bankers, ministers of finance and development, private sector executives, and academics from 187 countries converged again in Washington D.C. to discuss issues of global concern, access the global economic situation and developments in financial markets and discuss solutions to renewed challenges and crises facing the global economy.
During the 5-day meetings(Sept.19-Sept. 25,2011), there were various meetings by the international monetary and financial committee and the development committee, the Group of Twenty (G-20), the Group of Twenty-Four (G-24). Numerous seminars and forums were held before and during the meetings to discuss the anemic economic growth, sovereign debt crisis, job creation, the international institutions structural reform and financial regulation.
Thanks to the outstanding performance during last year’s Annual Meetings, the organizing committee decided for Taiden to serve in this year’s Annual Meetings. In all, 1500 Taiden 32 channels HCS-5300R/32 IR receivers, 42 HCS-4382K2/50 digital interpreter units, 60 fully digital conference units as well as multiple conference management software modules and HCS-4112M/29 standard audio distributors for media recording were in operation. Above all, the most notably was the TAIDEN HCS-8300 Paperless Multi-media Congress System which has already been installed in the board room of the World Bank headquarters. Its advanced features and the excellent quality impressed the participants.
Once again, the stable performance of the TAIDEN products and the efficient on-site service of the technical team were highly praised.

World Bank Headquarters Board Room

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