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WIPO Diplomatic Conference Equipped With TAIDEN Digital Conference Systems

  • Time of issue:2012-07-18

WIPO Diplomatic Conference Equipped With TAIDEN Digital Conference Systems

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WIPO Diplomatic Conference Equipped With TAIDEN Digital Conference Systems
July 2, 2012
The Diplomatic Conference on the Protection of Audiovisual Performances, hosted by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization), opened on June 20th in Beijing.
721 delegates from 154 WIPO member states, six inter-governmental organizations, some 49 non-governmental organizations attended the Diplomatic Conference. New treaty for audiovisual performers was successfully concluded on June 26, 2012 as negotiators from WIPO’s member states signed the Beijing Treaty on Audiovisual Performances.
During the Diplomatic Conference, the 4th China International Copyright Expo, WIPO Copyright Gold Medal Awards Ceremony, China International Copyright Expo Opening Ceremony and other activities were held at the same time.
TAIDEN digital conference systems and simultaneous interpretation systems worked perfectly for about 100 meetings in the 9 venues in one week of the event. The remarkable application and unquestionable reliability of TAIDEN products were widely affirmed and highly praised.
The Diplomatic Conference involving the conclusion of the treaty has been firstly held in China since the foundation and the first WIPO Diplomatic Conference 12 years ago. Therefore this meeting was given great attention from the Chinese government and the private sectors. In order to guarantee a smooth and efficient event, Beijing set up a municipal leadership led organization - composed of eight teams, participated by 21 government departments - and developed 31 programs of work to ensure all preparations. It was the first time for the organizers to follow the standards of the United Nations to set up a meeting venue and make the meticulous selection of equipment suppliers before the event.
TAIDEN was appointed by the organizer as the conference systems supplier. It not only fully complies with the requirements for the standard hardware, but also has an elite service team, experienced over many major international conferences, including the Beijing Olympic Games. Before the event, TAIDEN built up and completed the conference systems and the network broadcast systems, providing the floor audio signals and six languages for simultaneous interpretation.
TAIDEN provided a total of 550 fully digital conference system contribution units, 1700 digital infrared receivers, 40 fully digital simultaneous interpreter units, 14 mobile interpreter booths, as well as multiple sets of audio and video recording systems, audio distribution systems and complete management software modules. All devices worked perfectly for about 100 meetings in the 9 venues in one week. TAIDEN service team showed up professional dedication and service, which was highly appreciated by the organizers who expressed their desire to consider TAIDEN conference systems for the WIPO future meetings around the world.
Podium Of The Venue
TAIDEN Mobile Interpreter Booths

TAIDEN Fully Digital Interpreter Unit
Conference Room 1
Conference Room 2
Conference Room 3
Conference Room 4
TAIDEN On-site Technical Support Team
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