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TAIDEN Relocates Its French Office

  • Time of issue:2013-12-25

TAIDEN Relocates Its French Office

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TAIDEN Relocates Its French Office
December 25, 2013
TAIDEN, the world’s leading conference system provider, today announces the relocation of its French Office to Paris Nord 2 International Business Park.
The new location will offer greater immersion and growth opportunities. This will help strengthen TAIDEN’s support for local customers.
France, being a core territory for the conference business, has already provided a range of resources and opportunities to TAIDEN since the office’s opening in 2011. To better serve the European clients, TAIDEN relocates the office to Paris Nord 2 International Business Park, which adjoins the Charles des Gaulle Airport and has over 1000 thousand square meters building area. There are over 500 companies stationing in Paris Nord 2 including international companies like LG, SHARP, IKEA, Société Générale, etc.
Paris Nord 2 International Business Park can be conveniently accessed whether by air or ground transportation. Important conference cities like Brussels, Geneva and Strasbourg are within 3 hours’ railway travel. The new office location will offer increased penetration in the heart of the European market, bolstering the support potential TAIDEN can offer its valued local customers. It will also open doors for new partnerships to be forged.
The new office has an area of 220 square meters and is equipped with TAIDEN’s latest products and systems. Comprehensive trainings will be provided to clients from Europe, Africa and Middle East regularly at this office.
Europe is the most matured as well as largest conference system market. The expansion and relocation of TAIDEN French Office to the Paris Nord 2 International Business Park marks another important step in TAIDEN’s global marketing strategy.
The new office is located at:
BP 45062 ROISSY EN  France
Contact info:
TEL: +33 1 49 89 18 49
  +33 9 67 45 18 49
FAX: +33 9 70 62 51 36
E-Mail: fr_office@taiden.com
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