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TAIDEN New Generation Paperless Multimedia Congress System Global Launch

  • Time of issue:2014-07-03

TAIDEN New Generation Paperless Multimedia Congress System Global Launch

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Unremitting Innovation Leads the Future:

TAIDEN New Generation Paperless Multimedia Congress System Global Launch
May 27th 2014
On May 26th, TAIDEN held the New Generation Paperless Multimedia Congress System Global Launch Meeting. It presented the advanced conference system device to about 700 present audience including experts of the industry, sophisticated users, business clients and journalists.
The present audience were sophisticated end users and noted experts from the engineering and technological associations, and universities as well, including the Engineering Intelligent Design Branch of China Exploration and Design Association, the China Intelligent Building Technology Information Association, the China Association for Educational Technology, the Translators’ Association of China, the China Entertainment Technology Association, the China Association of Recording Engineers, the Audio Engineering Society of Chinese Institute of Electronics, the China Architecture Design and Research Group, the China Academy of Building Research, Tsinghua University and Nanjing University.
A dozen of mass media and professional magazines covered the event, including People’s Daily, the Xinhua News Agency, the Xinhua Net, CCTV, Economic Daily, China Trade News, Nanfang Daily, Shenzhen Special Zone Daily, Shenzhen Economic Daily, the Shenzhen Media Group, Electrical Technology of Intelligent Buildings, Intelligent Buildings, Intelligent Building and City Information, Audio Engineering, Entertainment Technology, Pro Audio Asia and Info AV China.
Several speeches were given by Wang Shuping, the vice director-general of the China Exploration and Design Association, Huang Jiusong, the chairman of the Intelligent Building Branch of China Construction Industry Association, Lao Weijie, the vice director-general of the China Entertainment Technology Association, Ouyang Dong, the assistant dean of the China Architecture Design and Research Group and audio expert Chen Huaimin.
Wang Shuping
Vice Director General of the China Exploration and Design Association
Huang Jiusong
Chairman of the Intelligent Building Branch of China Construction Industry Association
Lao Weijie
Vice Director General of the China Entertainment Technology Association
Ouyang Dong
Assistant Dean of the China Architecture Design and Research Group
Chen Huaimin
Audio Expert
Zhou Qingxu
President of TAIDEN
Zhou Qingxu, the President of TAIDEN pointed out in his welcome speech that TAIDEN has been devoted in conference system since its foundation 18 years ago. Owing to its independent innovation and vast support from various fields, TAIDEN has become an international famous brand.
At present, the building of intelligent city and information construction is growing vigorously. TAIDEN, as part of the industry, expects to cooperate with experts and integrators so as to contribute more to the building of a more efficient, intelligent and environmentally friendly society.
In the future, TAIDEN will as always keep conforming to the development concept of “green and harmonious development” and carrying out the national strategy for information development. It will apply its proprietary advanced technology to the information development of various spheres such as governmental agencies, social organizations, hotels and schools by providing more efficient, environmentally friendly and safe products of high quality.
Zhou Qingdong
General Manager of TAIDEN
Ye Dongmao
Vice General Manager of TAIDEN
Zhou Qingdong, the general manager of TAIDEN gave a keynote speech at the launch meeting, and Ye Dongmao, the vice general manager introduced in details the features of the new generation paperless multimedia congress system.
Three years ago, TAIDEN took the lead to release an epoch-making product, the paperless multimedia congress system. It is an ideal solution for modern conference organizations by combining professional audio, video and information technology. The system has already obtained national patent certificate. Since its launch, the paperless multimedia congress system has been widely recognized and installed into many high-profile venues such as the UN headquarters, the World Bank headquarters, the Palazzo Lombardia of Lombardy Region in Italy, the Conference Hall of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’ s Congress of Zhejiang Province and the Wuhan Xincheng International Exhibition Center.
Over the past three years, TAIDEN insisted on independent innovation and greater perfection so as to take the lead in the conference system industry. TAIDEN’s hard work eventually paid off and it launched the New Generation Paperless Multimedia Congress System while its counterparts are still trying to parrot its first generation paperless multimedia congress system. The new generation system features quad core processor, capacitive multi-touch screen, HD video display, built-in E-ink nameplate, microphone array and fingerprint identification technology, which makes TAIDEN the long-standing global leader of the conference system.
In recent years, TAIDEN’s development has been accelerating.
As regards to its R&D, TAIDEN made some important improvements to its another innovative offering, the digital infrared wireless conference system: the transmission distance of the transceiver has been increased by 50%; the transceiver can be installed into most of the conference rooms at the greatest height of 12 meters. TAIDEN also customized a series of fully digital conference system products for the UN headquarters, applying the latest network technologies such as the combining and borrowing of interpreter booths, management of conference equipment and asset, conference appointment and management of multiple rooms. Those specially customized products and technology for the UN headquarters have become the general standard for TAIDEN. Products related to conference recording and broadcasting system, including the TAIDEN originated HD digital recorder for conferences, video encoders and decoders of HDMI and DVI ports have been released. Online broadcasting and publishing system will also be coming.
Apart from developing its products, TAIDEN also devotes itself to establishing professional standard for the industry. It participated in the formulating and revising of national and professional standards for conference system. Four out of those standards have been published and implemented: the GB 50524 Technical Code for Infrared Simultaneous Interpretation System, the GB50799 Code for the Design of the Electrical Conference Systems, the GB50339 Code for Acceptance of Quality of Intelligent Building Systems and the JYJS201103 Architectural Code for Multimedia Teaching Environment Project.
When it comes to the market of the conference system, TAIDEN has successfully won the bidding for project of the UN headquarters, which has the highest standard for conference systems as one of the most important venues for discussing and dealing with global issues. Conference rooms in which TAIDEN’s products have been installed during the first phase of the UN headquarters project, including the ten meeting rooms of the Security Council have come into service. The equipment newly installed by TAIDEN won high praise from the UN.
Furthermore, TAIDEN’s products have been applied in many international high-profile venues including the headquarters of the Council of Europe (France), the headquarters of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (the Netherlands), the World Bank headquarters (the United States) and the African Union headquarters, and almost all of the summits all over the world such as the G-20 Summit, the APEC Summit, the BRICS summit, the SCO Summit, the EU-Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) Summit, the Ibero-American Summit, the East Asia Summit, the ASEAN Summit and the AU Summit. All those make TAIDEN the key provider for global high-profile conference venues.
Prior to and after the launch meeting, experts and guests experienced the New Generation Paperless Multimedia Congress System and the newly upgraded Digital Infrared Wireless Conference System and Conference Recording and Broadcasting system. Key members from TAIDEN R&D department also had in-depth technical exchanges with them.
Experience Zone
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