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TAIDEN Contributes to a Smooth 2014 World Internet Conference

  • Time of issue:2014-12-10

TAIDEN Contributes to a Smooth 2014 World Internet Conference

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TAIDEN Contributes to a Smooth 2014 World Internet Conference

Dec. 10th 2014

The First World Internet Conference (WIC) was held in Wuzhen, a town in East China’s Zhejiang province from November 19th to 21st, 2014. The conference, an unprecedented Internet-related event, is one of the largest scale and of the highest level in the realm of Internet ever held in China.
More than 1000 guests including government officials, representatives of international organizations, cyberspace specialists and technology enterprises tycoons attended the event, among whom were Fadi Chehade, CEO of ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), Vaughan Smith, Vice President of Facebook, Reid Hoffman, the co-founder and executive chairman of LinkedIn, Jack Ma, the founder and board chairman of China’s largest e-commerce business Alibaba Group, Pony Ma, CEO of China’s famous social network platform Tencent, and Robin Li, Chairman and CEO of China’s largest search engine Baidu.

A dozen meetings were held during the three-day event, which couldn’t have been so smooth and successful without TAIDEN’s cutting-edge conference system and professional technical support. Provided equipment were 2020 HCS-5100R Digital IR Receivers, 60 Fully Digital Conference Units of HCS-4100 series, a dozen HCS-4385U Fully Digital Interpreter Units and HCS-851A Interpreter Booths, 16 Broadcast Standard Audio Distributors for simultaneous live broadcasting, Professional Audio & Video Recorders for Conference and Conference Management Software Modules.
The opening ceremony took place simultaneously in the main meeting room and several other breakout rooms. TAIDEN’s HCS-8300MOD Audio Output Devices with single-mode fiber interface were used in those smaller rooms to receive audio feeds from the main room, which seamlessly integrated the breakout rooms with the main meeting room.

TAIDEN’s equipment of comprehensive functions and excellent performance together with its professional technical service carried the event through to a successful conclusion.
HCS-851A/02 Interpreter Booth
HCS-4385U/50 Fully Digital Interpreter Unit
HCS-5100R/08 Digital IR Receiver


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