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TAIDEN Supplies UN General Assembly's 69th General Debate

  • Time of issue:2015-01-16

TAIDEN Supplies UN General Assembly's 69th General Debate

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TAIDEN Supplies UN General Assembly's 69th General Debate
Jan 6th 2015
From September 24 to October 1, 2014, the General Debate of the 69th session of the UN General Assembly took place in its newly renovated General Assembly Hall, which saw heads of state, government leaders and representatives from 193 UN member states air their views on various important issues with TAIDEN's conference system.
The General Assembly Hall, one of the world paramount venues accommodating significant events, is highly strict about audio equipment. It's worth taking a moment to flag the fact that TAIDEN's conference units in the General Assembly Hall and other meeting rooms at the UN headquarters deliver natural, soft but crystal-clear voice with their built-in loudspeakers to each participant without incurring any howling. The sound from the interpretation system, free from potential drowning by the floor channel piped over a public address system, carries more clearly. The above amazing feature of TAIDEN equipment draws a clear picture that it's a budget conscious and cost effective invention for its users won't have to invest in public address system any more.
After three years' endeavors, the UN headquarters project which is the largest and most significant one in the conference system industry, has now been accomplished. TAIDEN equipment has been installed and put to use in 18 meeting rooms including the General Assembly Hall and the Security Council Chamber .
Flush mounted HCS-48U7, HCS-48U8 Fully Digital Congress System Units and HCS-1030 Electronic Nameplates for delegates’ seats
HCS-4325K/50 flush Fully Digital Channel Selectors for attendees and media
HCS-4385U/50 Fully Digital Interpreter Units with 64 Channels

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