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16×16 Mixed Card Matrix Switcher Frame
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16×16 Mixed Card Matrix Switcher Frame


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16×16 Mixed Card Matrix Switcher Frame

TMX-M16 Mixed Card Matrix Switcher Frame is a high performance switching equipment for audio and video signals, supporting seamless switching, combination, and distribution of audio and video signals. With 16 inputs and 16 outputs, it supports manifold signal input/output cards, such as SDI, VGA, 4KHDMI, etc., and realizes seamless cross switching. The matrix can output high-fidelity videos very quickly and each output channel can select resolution independently without affecting each other. The matrix is widely used in the place of radio & television engineering, multimedia conference hall, large screen display engineering, TV teaching and leadership office.
  • Gen-lock based Video Wall: based on Gen-Lock technology, the video delay between any output channels is less than 0.1 ms and the video will not be distorted. Available in up to 16×16 output channels. It's especially matched with LCD/LED Video Wall
  • Can be configured up to 8 input boards and 8 output boards. Each board supports 2 ports, a total of 16 inputs and 16 outputs
  • Support various formats of signal input, and the output resolution is default as 1080P60, which can be set by Matrix Control Tool
  • Maximum resolution: 1920×1200@60Hz (2K cards) and 3840×2160 444@60Hz (4K cards)
  • With 1 RJ45 interface, 1 RJ232 interface, 2 RS422 interfaces
  • Used with Matrix Control Tool to realize remote control, including Matrix Switch, Signal Setting, etc.
  • Power-off protection for work status
  • LCD screen to display real-time operation
  • Front panel button control, easy to switch manually
  • Redundant power supply
TMX-M16 16×16 Mixed Card Matrix Switcher Frame

TMX-M16 …………………………………………………………………………………… 16×16 Mixed Card Matrix Switcher Frame (Maximum resolution up to 3840×2160 444@60Hz, support Matrix Switch and Signal Setting)


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