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6-pin to 8-pin Cable Splitter


(1 input (6P-DIN) & 3 outputs (8P-DIN))
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6-pin to 8-pin Cable Splitter 

By using TAIDEN originated MCA-STREAM multi-channel audio digital transmitting technology, TAIDEN HCS-4800 New Premium Congress System revolutionizes conference systems technology by incorporating both the latest fully digital technologies and network techniques. Furthermore, with perfect integration of TAIDEN Conference Sign-in System and Intelligent Central Control System, HCS-4800 takes the leadership in providing comprehensive and efficient digital conference system solutions.
"Closed Loop - Daisy Chain" connection technology, to connect all congress units and simplifying installation, as well as dual connection backup have been opted for.
Supporting 48 kHz audio sampling rate, all 64 channels with a frequency response of 20 Hz~20 kHz.
  • Original MCA-STREAM digital audio processing and transmitting technology
  • Up to 64 CHs audio signals transmitted on a dedicated 8-pin cable
  • Supporting 48 kHz audio sampling rate, all 64 channels with a frequency response of 20 Hz~20 kHz
  • Increased reliability with "Closed Loop - Daisy Chain" connection topology, supports "PnP"
  • Gain and EQ (5 band) of each microphone adjustable separately
  • Equipped with optical fiber interface to combine two widely separated conference rooms to form one unique coherent system
  • TCP/IP communication protocol in PC control
  • Remote control, remote diagnosis and remote update
  • Built-in multi-channel intercom facility
  • System power controllable by central control system
  • Supports combining/separating meeting rooms by split/merge function
  • Connection facility for additional condenser or dynamic microphones, expanding user’s application spectrum
HCS-4853T  Cable Splitter

HCS-4853T …………………………………………………………………… 6-pin to 8-pin Cable Splitter (1 input (6P-DIN) & 3 outputs (8P-DIN), For the connection of HCS-5100M/B series Digital Infrared Transmitter and HCS-4800 series Conference Unit / HCS-8685 Interpretation Unit)



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