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64-Channel Simultaneous Interpreter Unit
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64-Channel Simultaneous Interpreter Unit


(64 CHs, 6.8" TFT LCD, microphone, loudspeaker)
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64-Channel Simultaneous Interpreter Unit


The design of HCS-8685 incorporates most recent requirements from conference interpreters and staff at international organizations including EU, UN, IMF, the World Bank, and the European Commission. It is compliant with ISO 20109, ISO 2603 and ISO4043. With modern and ergonomic design, the interpreter unit provides users with new functions such as password management, richer information display and seamless connection to video devices. A bold control button and 6.8〞TFT LCD provide interpreters with more intuitive and convenient operation.

Richer Information Display
  • A 6.8〞TFT LCD
  • Interpreter unit settings
  • Channel number and language name of input/output channels
  • The audio quality of input language channels 
  • Recording status of each output channel and transmisson to the IR language distribution system
  • Number of receivers per output channel
  • SMS
  • Real-time clock and microphone duration
64 CHs Simultaneous Interpretation
  • Audio sampling of 48 kHz and audio frequencies between 30 Hz and 20 kHz
  • Support direct and relay interpretation and preset 7 input channels and 3 output channels 
  • Built-in loudspeaker with volume control and when all microphones are off, the loudspeaker will play floor language or interpretation channel
Convenient Operation
  • Mute key prevents constrained voice from being transmitted 
  • Help key to request help from the operator (optional) 
  • Interpreter can send a speaking speed reminder to the active unit (optional)
Easy Management
  • Password required for changes in interpreter unit settings to avoid mis-operation
  • Messages can be sent to the interpreter unit using a dedicated APP on mobile phones via bluetooth, for easy management by the interpreter team leader
User-centered Design
  • Hearing protection: automatically recognizes impedance and adjusts volume 
  • Braille indication for all tactile buttons caring for the visually impaired users
Simple Installation
  • Tabletop mounting 
  • Maximum six interpreter units can be installed in one booth 
  • The system can connect up to 378 interpreter units
HCS-8685 64-Channel Simultaneous Interpreter Unit

HCS-8685 ………… New Generation Fully Digital Congress System Interpreter Unit (64 CHs, 6.8" TFT LCD, microphone, loudspeaker, mic not included)
EP-960AN Interpreter Headset

EP-960AN …………………………… Interpreter Headset (stereo, including a pair of EP-960HD Detachable Earshells)



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