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Digital Infrared Wireless Microphone


(white, built-in rechargeable lithium battery, with laser pointer, excl. adapter, used with TES-5600NS_W neck lanyard or TES-5600CLP clip)
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Digital Infrared Wireless Microphone


TAIDEN, one of the world's renowned suppliers of digital conference systems and simultaneous interpretation system, has equipped prestigious international institutions and high profile events including the UN headquarters in New York, Council of Europe, G20 Summits, APEC Summits, Asia-Europe Meeting, and IMF-World Bank Annual Meetings.
In 2015, TAIDEN introduced its worldwide pioneering digital infrared technology into the field of multimedia teaching and released a series of classroom audio

systems which can be categorized as Digital IR Wireless Classroom Audio Reinforcement System, Interactive Recording and Webcasting Audio System and Lecture Recording Management Platform. The audio systems featuring excellent audio clarity, great immunity to interference and convenient management fully satisfy the need for sound reinforcement, interactive recording and webcasting, and centralized management of all the multimedia equipment in classrooms. In addition, the wireless microphone of digital IR technology provides safe and RF radiation free use. What's more, the e-lock charging station for wireless microphones frees school AV/IT teams from keeping and charging the microphones.
Excellent Audio Clarity
  • Crystal-clear audio everywhere within an operating range of 20 meters
    Freq. response: main unit to main unit: 50 Hz to 20 kHz
                              Mic. to main unit: 100 Hz to 20 kHz
    SNR: Mic. to main unit: ≥90 dBA
    THD: Mic. to main unit: ≤0.05%
  • Better audio acoustics protects lecturers from hoarse voice
  • Clearer audio facilitates learning efficiency by helping students stay focus
Immunity to Interferences
  • No crosstalk and interference between classrooms when their systems are used at the same time
  • Free from radio interference and electromagnetic radiation
  • Insusceptible to interferences from HF-driven lighting and works perfectly in sunlight
Convenient Operation and Management
  • Digital infrared microphones can be used in differentclassrooms without channel matching. Simply switch on and talk
  • Integrated charging dock to park the microphone when it is not in use
  • Electronic lock built in the dock to secure the microphone. Authorized users can scan QR code or swipe IC card to talk
No Electromagnetic Radiation
  • Zero radio transmission
  • Unaffected by radio frequency licensing
TES-5604N Digital Infrared Wireless Microphone

TES-5604N_W………………………………Digital Infrared Wireless Microphone (white, built-in rechargeable lithium battery, with laser pointer, excl. adapter, used with TES-5600NS_W neck lanyard or TES-5600CLP clip)
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