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Digital Infrared Receiver


(RJ45 interface, ceiling, wall or tripod-mounted, support 2 wireless microphones)
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Digital Infrared Receiver


TAIDEN, the global top-ranking manufacturer of conference systems, invented the world's first infrared simultaneous interpretation system that is undisturbed by HF-driven lighting in 2001, as well as developed the digital infrared processing chip and invented the digital infrared wireless conference system in 2008.
Now TAIDEN is applying this worldwide pioneering digital infrared technology to the field of multimedia teaching, introducing the world's first digital infrared classroom audio system. This system provides an ideal audio solution for teaching environment thanks to its capabilities of anti-interference, privacy assurance, easy- manageability and audio clarity, etc.

Immunity to Interferences
  • No crosstalk and interference between classrooms when their systems are used at the same time
  • Neither radio interference inherent to radio wave-based wireless communications nor radio radiation
  • The advanced digital infrared technology allows resistance against HF-driven lighting interference and good operation in sunlight
Convenient Operation and Management
  • Infrared microphones can be used in different classrooms without channel matching. Switch on and talk. Easy and convenient
  • Assign speakers with individual infrared microphones to simplify facility management, improve efficiency and ensure hygiene
Zero Radio Transmission
  • Free from electromagnetic radiation even for long time wearing
  • Not restricted by radio frequency licensing thus saving radio frequency resources
Audio Clarity
  • World pioneering infrared technology enables excellent audio quality
  • Improved audio clarity allows speakers to speak in a normal pitch, protecting them from loss of voice
  • Clear voices also helps students stay concentrated, thus increasing learning efficiency
TES-5600RN/30 Digital Infrared Receiver

TES-5600RN/30 ……………………………Digital Infrared Receiver (RJ45 interface, ceiling, wall or tripod-mounted, support 2 wireless microphones)
TES-5600RN1/30 Digital Infrared Receiver

TES-5600RN1/30 ……………………………Digital Infrared Receiver (RJ45 interface, ceiling, wall or tripod-mounted, support 1 wireless microphones)
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