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High Definition Digital AV Decoder


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High Definition Digital AV Decoder

TAIDEN Conference Synchronous Digital Video Recording System is a professional conference recording system for venue live recording, including Professional Audio & Video Recorders for Conference and Professional Digital Video & Audio Recorder Software Module. Using embedded processor and embedded operation system, integrating several techniques in IT domain, including video/audio compressing and decompressing, mass disk storage, TCP/IP control, etc. Cooperates with TAIDEN conference system for audio/video recording of the meeting.
  • Used for multi-channel digital media signal decoding and output
  • TAIDEN series of video equipment can access encoder or VCR through IP network to realize live or on-demand broadcasting, after decoding, videos can be displayed to display devices via HDMI or VGA output
  • Cooperating with HCS-8300 series paperless multimedia congress system to display the picture of the multimedia congress terminal camera and to share desktop; also convenient for connecting to remote meeting
  • With high-performance DSP chip and dedicated hardware platform, supports 1 channel CVBS video and 1 channel VGA signal synchronization decoding and display, supports remote control. Compared to PC mode, it is more flexible and immune to network virus attack
  • Supports 1 stereo audio decoder output
  • Variety of control methods and MMI to facilitate administrator’s and users’ tasks
  • Supports multiple levels of user access rights
  • Visual, interactive, cooperative play function
  • B/S architecture system management and user interface based on IE web browser
  • Supports central control system for the management and operation of the equipment
  • Remote control is supported for the management and operation of the equipment
  • The ability of remote upgrading through network
  • Convenient for the user to record/broadcast at different environments, can be widely used in the place of conference room, lecture hall, demonstration hall and leadership office
  • 2 x USB HOST interface can be connecting to keyboard and mouse
HCS-8317 High Definition Digital AV Decoder

HCS-8317 ………………………………………………………………………………… High Definition Digital AV Decoder


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