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64×64 RGBHV Ultra Wideband Matrix Switcher


TAIDEN TMX series professional matrix switchers include Ultra Wideband RGBHV Matrix Switchers, Ultra Wideband VGA Matrix Switchers, Composite Video & Audio Matrix Switchers, Distribution Amplifiers, S-video and Component Video Matrix Switchers、Converters, DVI and HDMI series products. Seamless integration of TAIDEN Central Control System and Conference System to provide professional solutions for modern meeting rooms.



TMX-64xxRGB(-A) Series Matrix Switchers Datasheet
TMX Matrix Switchers System Datasheet
TMX Matrix Switchers System Installation and Operating Manual
  • Video interface: BNC × 5 female
  • Audio interface: 5-pin 3.81 mm Phoenix
  • Fully loaded video bandwidth: 400 MHz
  • Typical switching speed: 100 ns
  • Typical propagation delay: 1.3 ns
  • Compatible with RGBHV, RGBs, RGsB, RsGsBs, HDTV, component video, S-video and composite video
  • The latest RGB switch chip is used
  • Input synchronization signal detection function
  • Gain compensation and synchronization signal AGC to guarantee faster switching with no blinking and glitch
  • Ethernet interface and RS232 control, supporting TCP/IP and RS232 protocols
  • Power-off protection for scene status
  • LCD to display real-time operation
  • Front panel button control , easy to switch manually
  • Front panel keyboard lockup and protection function
  • Scene save and recall function
  • Individual enclosures: 6U × 5/(6) high, full rack width
TMX-6464RGB 64×64 RGBHV Ultra Wideband Matrix Switcher

TMX-6464RGB …………………………………………………… 64×64 RGBHV Matrix Switcher, 400 M, BNC Connectors
TMX-6464RGB-A 64×64 RGBHV & Audio Ultra Wideband Matrix Switcher

TMX-6464RGB-A …… 64×64 RGBHV & Audio Matrix Switcher, 400 M, Video on BNC Connectors; Balanced audio stereo on 5 pin 3.81 mm Phoenix Connectors
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