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Voting Unit


TAIDEN high-speed large-scale voting system with embedded high performance CPU ensures full duplex data transmission speed up to 100 Mbps. High speed voting and high accuracy due to Ethernet connection of CMU and PC. System design for high reliable redundancy and hot-spare dual server structure. Electrostatic prevention and water proof design, for worldwide unrivaled reliability and safety.

HCS-4368SDTE/FM/50 Voting Unit Datasheet
Large-Scale Voting System and Conference Sign-in System Datasheet
Large-Scale Voting System Installation and Operating Manual
  • New digital design, compliant to many international standards
  • Voting system is resistive to 15 kV static, excels IEC CISPR 24
  • Max system capacity: 4096 voting units
  • 3 voting keys
  • In combination with corresponding software modules, multiform voting can be implemented
  • Graphic 256x32 LCD with back-lighting for displaying
  • Key-press sign-in
  • Automatic detection
  • Waterproof facility
HCS-4368SDTE/FM/50 Voting Unit

HCS-4368SDTE/FM_R/50 …… Fully Digital Voting System Delegate Unit (flush-mounting, 3 voting keys, waterproof, antistatic 15000 V, cover, red)
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