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Interpreter Headset


In 2010, TAIDEN developed the first paperless multimedia conference system in the world. Paperless conference, video service, conference services, etc. were successfully introduced into conference system, and promoted conference system technology to a new stage. Now, TAIDEN paperless multimedia conference system has been successfully applied to the United Nations Headquarters, the World Bank Headquarters, Lombardy district government in Italy, the People's Great Hall of Zhejiang Province, Wuhan International Expo Center and other high-end meeting places. The concept of paperless multimedia conference system

has also been widely recognized and followed by global industry of conference system, and has become the representative of the fourth generation of conference system products.
In 2014, TAIDEN continued to lead the development of conference system technology, and introduced a new generation of paperless multimedia conference system. The new generation paperless multimedia terminals are equipped with 10" with 1280X800 high resolution LCD touch screen, and the new experience of capacitive touch screen which supporting multi-touch, make paperless experience and operation more convenient and efficient, and can achieve a variety of HD video service, and a built-in 5 megapixel camera, and video intercom function, and E-ink nameplate with the latest electronic ink technology, at the same time, it can also realize interactive conference control and management (discussion, vote, 64 channel simultaneous interpretation x 2), conference services, etc.

HCS-8385/80 64-Channel Simultaneous Interpreter Unit Datasheet
Paperless Multimedia Congress System Installation and Operating Manual
Paperless Multimedia Congress System Datasheet


  • Especially designed for high-level meetings, such as Summits, congresses, conventions, parliaments and city councils
  • The first Paperless Multimedia Congress System in the world
  • Based on TAIDEN independent intellectual property mMediaCongressTM platform, never subject to viral infection, hacker-proof, safe and reliable
  • Paperless Multimedia Congress Terminal - equipped with a 10" 1280X800 high-resolution LCD touch panel, realizes paperless meetings, various HD video services, interactive conference control functions (speech, voting, 64 CHs x 2) and conference services, etc.
  • Capacitive touch panel supporting multi-touch, convenient and efficient for operation
  • Built-in 5-megapixel camera with flashlight, ingenious video conversation function
  • Based on TAIDEN originated GMC-STREAM Gigabit Multimedia Congress Stream technology, all audio and video signals are transmitted via a Cat.6 Gigabit network cable. GMC-STREAM fully guarantees the real-time performance and stability of the important data stream of the meeting, such as audio, voting information, and control information
  • Based on ingenious CongressMatrixTM technology, integrated n×8 audio matrix processor to realize 8 channels group output function
  • Microphone-array technology for HCS-8315 series Congress Unit and HCS-8348 series Congress Terminal
  • Built-in E-ink nameplate
  • Optional printed nameplate
  • Built-in fingerprint identification module
  • Increased reliability with “Closed Loop - Daisy Chain” connection topology
  • 48 kHz audio sampling, 64 audio channels, each with a 30 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response for perfect sound quality
  • Low power consumption design
  • Supports Dante protocol to connect to peripheral digital devices without losing any sound quality
  • Equipped with optical fiber interface to combine two widely separated conference rooms to form one unique coherent system
  • Dual connection backup via optical fiber and Cat.5 cable between Congress Main Unit and Congress Extension Main Unit
  • System power controllable by central control system
  • Supports combining and separating conference rooms
  • Booth combination & share system
  • Connectable to multi channel audio input or output devices for versatile expansion of the system
  • Connection facility for additional condenser or dynamic microphones, expanding user’s application spectrum
  • Integrated USB interfaces in the Congress Main Unit for system upgrading and saving system parameters. Convenient for system maintenance
  • Downward compatible with TAIDEN HCS-4100/50 Fully Digital Congress System
HCS-8385/80 64-Channel Simultaneous Interpreter Unit

HCS-8385/80 ………… New Generation Fully Digital Congress System Interpreter Unit (64 CHs, 7.2" TFT LCD, microphone, loudspeaker)
HCS-8385 Tool

About: To send text messages to TAIDEN Interpreter Unit(s) HCS-8385 via Bluetooth connection

EP-960AN Interpreter Headset

EP-960AN …………………………… Interpreter Headset (stereo, including a pair of EP-960HD Detachable Earshells)

HCS-8385HDMI/02 Video Converter

HCS-8385HDMI/02 ……………………………………………… Video Converter (2 HDMI output, HCS-8385/80 needed)

HCS-8385HDMI/04 Video Converter

HCS-8385HDMI/04 ……………………………………………… Video Converter (4 HDMI output, HCS-8385/80 needed)

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